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Omitted Results[edit]

So I went and converted his tournament results into the proper table format, however I didn't bring everything through. Some of the omissions were due to not being able to find some or any info about some of the tournaments, others were decisions on my part to not include them. Below I have included a list of all those that are not longer on the page, along with any info I found and/or any reasons I didn't include them. Feel free to look into anything I couldn't find, or disagree with any reasons I didn't include results, and add them to the page. Games listed in brackets are the games he entered.

  • Dynasty Battles (Brawl/PM) - All of them were really small tourneys except for for Dynasty Battles 3, so I wasn't sure whether I should include them or not. Info about them can be found here.
  • UGC Fight Night (Brawl/PM) - Couldn't find anything.
  • Read Like a Book 1 + 2 (Brawl/PM) & A-Game! (Brawl/PM/Apparently 64?) - Another instance of really small tourneys that I wasn't sure were notable enough to include. Info can be found here (along with some other tourneys that might be worth looking into as well).
  • Melee Night in Canada (PM) - There's a few of these but I was only able to find results for one.
  • Hitbox Arena: PM in the PM 5 (PM) - Couldn't find the specific one or any results. Info will probably be here somewhere.

Bazkip (talk) 13:48, 12 August 2014 (EDT)