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It needs a lot of edit for it to be official. I see a lot of issues with this page. 1) This player has no notability i.e. proof at all besides word of mouth. I tried so hard to look for this guy. The only information i had is he went to evo 2016 and placed below 50th place (impossible to place an accurate guess but i know he made it to round 2 and was eliminated after 3 more matches at an event of 2,662 entrants! Source: and and he placed in the unknown "The Fight 2016" tournament (source: There is no page about the tournament and there is very little information provided about how many people entered. As far as I know there could be 25 people there and being in 1st place means nothing compared to a tournament of 100.

2) His name is inappropriate and vulgar so what should we do about this in term of userpage creation?

3) The description on his page war written poorly and quote "because they thought he was just some scrub. Oh boy were they wrong. He is truly the rawest Little Mac to ever play Smash 4."

4) His location is unconfirmed due to a lack of smash reference however i found only this about him with no relations to smash His other information is unconfirmed in terms of activity (could not find a reference like twitter or smashboard page). And he is still uncategorized ( not found).

I advocate the removal of this smasher page due to lack of notability. And if need be, you may reference my discussion as evidence if need be.

Lv20ninja DK's head icon from SSB. (talk) 06:44, 14 August 2016 (EDT)

here's proof. Also, SW is not censored, so the vulgar name is a moot point. Serpent SKSig.png King 18:21, 14 August 2016 (EDT)