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Why aren't we (the Super Smash Boys) allowed to add in our profiles the categories "Pros" and "... professionals"?
PS: You aren't allowed to show your logo at your smasher site [1]. Read the image policy.

I suppose he deleted the "pro" categories in your pages because you aren't pros. I wanted to contact you about this but he was faster. According to me, pros are players who are 1) recognized in their own country (at least) and 2) able to play at an high level. The Super Smash Boys [cool name, btw ^^] don't match this description, because neither I (considering my knowledge of the european smash community to which I belong too), nor Dr. Dead (who knows well the german smash community) know you. And also, your videos in Tham's youtube profile show that you're far from being pro players considering the skills. BTW, that's why I'm against this pro categories system. *gonna read the whole pro player talk page before giving his proposition* Slhoka 23:23 GMT, 30 May 2007

PS : I know I should not have made another topic in this talk page, but I'm on my Wii and I don't wanna have to write all this twice, so I'll edit on my computer tomorrow ^^' [Edit : done]

PS2 (baaaad =P) : I was talking to Mor