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I'd argue that this page is notable enough to remain. BulletBill is one of the best Melee and Project M players in Manchester; he's been in the grand finals of all 3 of the regionals that have happened so far in Melee (he won one of them, maybe two but it was played off stream and I can't remember whether he won or not), and has been in Project M grand finals for one or two of the regionals. An example: "Has participated in or organized an offline tournament that is run by standard tournament rules or a reasonably similar variant, and has some level of regional or national recognition."

He definitely has regional recognition. I'm aware that England is not a very notable region internationally, but within English Smash he's certainly notable. As far as I know the English scene wasn't very active for a while until recently, so there has been little opportunity for information about BulletBill to be made available. Stride (talk) 18:49, 5 August 2014 (EDT)