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Red (Japan).jpg
SSB64 main Mario
Other SSB64
Skill Super Smash Bros. Top professional
Additional info
Location Kansai Japan

This article is about the Japanese Smash 64 player. For the similarly named American Melee player, see Redd, the Argentinian Smash Ultimate player and commentator Red, or the New Zealand Smash Ultimate player ORG Red.

Red is a Japanese Smash 64 player who was considered the best Mario main in the world as well as top smasher in Japan in the earlier period of 64 play in Japan, roughly 2004-2007. He is now the current host of the annual national "Kansai" series of Japanese Smash 64 tournaments as well as a commentator.

Outside of this tournament series, he is also known for helping to make the most recent matchup chart/tier list along with Kikoushi and others. He also helps run, the main Japanese tournament website and archive.



  • He has been invited and commentated on the "Kanto" events as well as the early "Tokyo" events.
  • He inspired the current less flashy play in Japanese SSB64 as players wondered how a lower tiered character could win tournaments (as Mario was considered to be lower tier back then.)

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