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Character info
Melee main Marth
Other Melee characters Captain Falcon, Ganondorf
Team info
Former crews Jason and The Siberians
Personal and other info
Real name Richard Clink
Birth date (age 34)
Location San Diego, CA United states

Pnoy is a Marth player from San Diego, CA, and is a member of Jason and The Siberians. He plays along with his crewmate LHG and plays under the doubles team, Ernie Rays. Jr. as a tribute to their friend who knows martial arts with the same name. Surprisingly, after watching some of Death By Rape's combo videos, his younger brother, BoogalooMark, got Pnoy to play at a more competitive level.

Pnoy, along with LHG and J Flo, are sometimes upset at their late entrance into competitive smash. Every Friday, Pnoy would meet up after school with his friends LHG and his brother, Ranier, J Flo, Teet, and Pnoy's brother, BoogalooMark, to eat and play Smash afterwards for hours on end.

Smash History[edit]

When he first started playing SSBM, he mained Roy due to his swordplay style and his sheer power. After getting more into the game, he decided he needed a swifter character, and that is the reason he switched to maining as Marth. The choice to second as Dr. Mario was helped by watching Bob$'s part in the DBR combo video Evolution. Pnoy also plays as many other characters including Ganondorf in doubles, Captain Falcon, Samus, Link, Sheik, Roy, and Falco; but only uses Marth, Dr. Mario, Captain Falcon, and Ganondorf in tournaments.

Pnoy has recently risen to the top of the San Diego Smash scene, taking the #1 spot in the rankings, with one of his many up and coming victories being over Zhu at a San Diego biweekly.

Pnoy has since been long retired as he has transitioned to playing the Street Fighter series competitively, with the fourth and fifth installments in particular.