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Gerson "Jyrem~"
SSB64 main Pikachu
Other SSB64
Captain Falcon, Kirby
Skill Super Smash Bros. Top level
Additional info
Real name Gerson German Chucuya Cruz
Location Tacna Peru

Gerson is the second best Smash 64 player in Peru after Alvin. He is considered to be one of the the top Pikachu mains in the world, along with Alvin, SuPeRbOoMfAn, and Mariguas.

Gerson uses a defensive spacing based Pikachu and the majority of his matches are very long. He is infamous for being perhaps the only player in the world to have 4-stocked Isai in Pikachu dittos.

He won the 2011 and 2012 Peruvian nationals, Arequipa 2011 and Tacna Torneo Nacional 2012, defeating players such as Marka and Alvin.

He lost to SuPeRbOoMfAn in the 2014 Peruvian National Tournament. The first match of the set lasted 53 minutes.

He also won a tournament held in Tacna, Peru in January 2015 defeating Alvin in the finals.

He won UFSmash 3 using the tag Jyrem~ over the recently dominating Fukurou.

At Inka Fest 2019, he was surprisingly upset by Josh Brody followed by the relatively unknown Nax in pools leading to 13th place.

Tournament Placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros.[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 placement 2v2 placement Partner
Arequipa 2011 May 28th, 2011 1st
Tacna Torneo Nacional 2012 January 14th, 2012 1st
Tacna 2014 August 31st, 2014 4th
Road to Japan April 25th, 2015 1st
TNT Lima 2015 August 17th, 2015 2nd
Tacna All Stars 2016 January 10th, 2016 4th
Tacna Noviembre 2016 November 6th, 2016 1st
Tacna All Stars 2017 February 12th, 2017 2nd
UFSmash 3 November 2nd-4th, 2017 1st
Sunset Blast April 20th-22nd, 2018 1st 1st Tavomono
Tacna All Stars 2018 October 14th, 2018 3rd 2nd Tito
Inka Fest 2019 July 13th-14th, 2019 13th 2nd (ZPK) Tito
TNT Nak 2021 January 14th, 2021 3rd ? ?
Golden Armor Tournament 2021 December 11th-13th, 2021 2nd

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