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Butter "KY Butter"
Ultimate main Luigi
Other Ultimate
Banjo & Kazooie
SSB4 main Luigi
Skill Super Smash Bros. 4 Professional
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Professional
Ranking Super Smash Bros. 4 Kentucky Smash 4 Power Rankings: 5th
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Kentucky Power Rankings: 3rd
Additional info
Real name Nathan
Location Louisville, Kentucky United States

Butter (also known as KY Butter) is a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Luigi player from Louisville, Kentucky. He is currently ranked 3rd on the Q2 2022 Kentucky Power Rankings and has defeated players such as Jin, Zomba, Tilde, Roger, Thass, Masta, Doorstop, and Mystearica.

In Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Butter was also a Luigi main. He is currently ranked 5th on the Kentucky Smash 4 Power Rankings and has wins on players such as StardusT, Mister Eric, JDB, Absol, TastyComaWife, EMPEROR Eevee, Mystearica, and MoarD.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 Placement 2v2 Placement Partner
BSS: Dare to Bair February 20th, 2016 4th


Enter The Dragon April 30th, 2016 7th 2nd AceStarThe3rd
BSS: Lan of the Free July 2nd, 2016 5th 1st Blud
The Colosseum IV September 10th, 2016 5th 5th AceStarThe3rd
Button Check 12 September 17th, 2016 1st 2nd TastyComaWife
Double Barreled October 22nd, 2016 17th 9th AceStarThe3rd
The Colosseum V December 3rd, 2016 5th 9th TastyComaWife
Master Hand Monthly 6 December 17th, 2016 4th 3rd TastyComaWife
Midwest Mayhem 6 January 7th, 2017 65th 33rd TastyComaWife
Southern Ohio Smash 3 January 14th, 2017 17th 3rd Ender
Barrel Bash II March 11th, 2017 17th 9th TastyComaWife
Chaos Sm4sh Weekly #16 March 19th, 2017 1st 1st Ender
Naifu Wars: World War 1 May 5th, 2017 17th
Bourbon State Gaming: Old Fashioned August 5th, 2017 9th 13th Blud
AllMid Smash 4 Regional August 12th, 2017 9th 5th Blud
Button Check #4: Low Tiers; High Expectations August 19th, 2017 3rd 5th Blud
Master Hand Monthly #14 September 16th, 2017 13th
Button Check #5: Lexington's Revolt September 23rd, 2017 5th 5th Blud
Bourbon State Gaming: Double Barreled II October 21st, 2017 9th 9th Blud
Colonel Clash 2 October 29th, 2017 4th 1st Blud
Button Check #6: Main in the Mirror November 4th, 2017 3rd 3rd Blud
The Colosseum IX November 18th, 2017 5th 2nd Blud
Master Hand Monthly #17 December 16th, 2017 7th 3rd Blud
Button Check #7: Luck of the Draw December 30th, 2017 5th 5th Blud
Resolution: Smashing the New Year January 20th, 2018 13th 9th Blud
Button Check #8: New Year, New Tournament! February 3rd, 2018 7th 2nd Blud
SOS 4 February 24th, 2018 13th 9th Blud
The Legend of Sass Chan: TCW Fundraiser Tournament April 7th, 2018 9th
Button Check #9: Preparation for the Switch May 19th, 2018 3rd 5th T. Yeti

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 Placement 2v2 Placement Partner
Bourbon State Smash Yuletide Barrel: Christmas Came Early December 15th, 2018 9th 5th ChrisBCream
Bourbon State Gaming: Smashin 2 Electric Boogaloo January 26th, 2019 33rd
Smash Ultimate PiviP Open Qualifier 1/2 March 9th, 2019 25th
Bourbon State Gaming: Smash Madness April 6th, 2019 3rd 5th Ender
Bourbon State Gaming: Barrel Bash IV May 11th, 2019 5th ChrisBCream
SOS Ultimate May 25th, 2019 33rd 2nd ChrisBCream
Bourbon State Gaming: Salute the Sun June 15th, 2019 3rd
Girls See Ghosts June 29th, 2019 3rd 1st ChrisBCream
Bourbon State Gaming: My Hero Smashademia August 24th, 2019 5th 2nd ChrisBCream
Bourbon State Gaming: Triple Threat II September 21st, 2019 3rd
Bourbon State Gaming: Double Barreled IV October 19th, 2019 9th 7th ChrisBCream
Big Blue Showdown November 2nd, 2019 2nd
Bourbon State Gaming: Yuletide Barrel II December 28th, 2019 5th 1st Feffle
Grandmaster's Gateway January 4th, 2020 9th 5th ChrisBCream
Sky Kingdom January 11th, 2020 1st 4th Brekker
Bourbon State Gaming: Squad Goals 2020 February 1st, 2020 2nd
The Premier UofL Smash Ultimate Monthly Tournament February 15th, 2020 3rd 1st Brekker
Bourbon State Gaming: The Ultimate Leap February 29th, 2020 7th 3rd ChrisBCream
Big Blue Showdown 2 March 14th-15th, 2020 7th 1st Brekker
Lockhart SeriesOnline August 9th, 2020 129th
The Box: Lunch Box 7Online December 23rd, 2020 33rd
Bourbon State Gaming: Stop Your Friendlies June 26th, 2021 17th 5th ChrisBCream
Smash the Cinema July 11th, 2021 3rd
BYOC #2 July 17th, 2021 7th 2nd Brekker
Meteor Smash #11 August 31st, 2021 1st
Shield Break Link September 25th, 2021 7th
Don't Get Tilted #23 October 18th, 2021 4th
WW: Mitch's Mii Gunner October 20th, 2021 4th
Galactic Clash October 23rd, 2021 3rd
Meteor Smash #19 October 26th, 2021 1st
WW #148: Soren November 3rd, 2021 2nd
More Power! November 6th, 2021 13th
Double Barreled V December 4th, 2021 17th
Soggy Summit 2 December 19th, 2021 3rd 4th Burke
EKU Battlegrounds II: Love and War February 12th, 2022 9th
SOS 7 March 26th, 2022 25th
Barrel Bash V April 23rd, 2022 7th
#GetJinIn May 28th, 2022 1st
Show Your Pride 2 June 4th, 2022 5th
Cavalry Clash #4 June 18th, 2022 5th
CEO 2022 June 24th-26th, 2022 33rd
AL 100: Hyaku Dragons June 30th, 2022 9th
Lunar Lounge #9 July 6th, 2022 1st
Smashed Bros 26 July 8th, 2022 1st
Cavalry Clash #5 July 9th, 2022 4th
Don't Get Tilted #47 July 11th, 2022 2nd
QCS: One Night Stand July 30th, 2022 17th 4th Mitch07
Super Smash Con 2022 August 11th-14th, 2022 193rd 65th Joseph Joestar
Riptide 2022 September 9th-11th, 2022 49th 33rd Mitch07
Tripoint Stadium November 26th, 2022 9th
Frosty Faustings XV 2023 February 3rd-5th, 2023 9th
SOS 8 March 18th, 2023 17th

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