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Userboxes are a type of templates which can spice up a user page. Below are some of the userboxes at SmashWiki. To make custom ones without making templates for each, use the {{UBX}} template.

Smash related[edit]

Code Result Notes/categories
{{user trophy|number}}
tro-some This user has some trophies in their collection.

SmashWiki related[edit]

Code Result Notes/categories
{{user admin}}
SmashAdminMop.png Warning!
This user is a Sysop and has t3h ph1re!
Code Result Notes/categories
{{SA Box}}
Discord.svg Discord Smash Arena Discord.svg
Symbol of the Smash Bros. series. And the winner of Round 112 of the Smash Arena is: Xander Mobus! Be sure to join us for Round 113! Symbol of the Smash Bros. series.