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FailedPolicy.png This proposed policy or guideline has failed to gain the approval of the community, and so has not been implemented. It remains for archival purposes.

On SmashWiki, User pages serve as a page that the user in question can customize to their liking. User pages can be used as a form of describing yourself, or "introducing" themselves to the wiki. However, while user pages usually are meant for the user itself to customize, there are some restrictions as the what material users can put on there.

What you cannot put on your Userpage[edit]

Because user pages remain part of SmashWiki, they must adhere to certain rules. The following are never be allowed on your user page.

  • Any blatantly inappropriate material (gore, nudity, et cetera)
  • Blatant personal attacks against other users
  • Links to sites that are inappropriate or harmful to users' computers

In addition, while comments about other users are allowed, keep in mind that users are free to remove material they find about themselves on your user page.

User sub pages[edit]

User sub pages are pages separate from your Userpage but still under your namespace. User sub pages are created by creating a page with the name "User:(Your Username)/(title of sub page). Content on User sub pages are generally under control of the user in question, but they must adhere to the same policies as user pages.

User talk pages[edit]

User talk pages are where other users are meant to contact you. Note that this is not a place for you to start discussion. Content on user pages should generally be wiki related, though brief conversations about out-of-wiki matters are allowed (for example, requesting a user to Brawl them), though they should should be kept short (generally less than 3 posts from each user). As with all talk pages, users must adhere to all behavioral policies, such as SW:NPA. And like user pages, pornographic or otherwise inappropriate images/videos are prohibited. Comments should not be removed from your user talk page or edited, however, unless it contains inappropriate images/videos, or links to sites containing them. If there is a comment on your Userpage that you do not wish to see, it is recommended that you archive your talk page. Also, comments are to be kept on the same talk page that the began on. In other words, if someone comments on your talk page, reply on your talk page, not theirs. This keeps conversations in the same place so that they are easier to keep track of.