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Hello, I would like to become a sysop because I browse SmashBoards and SmashWiki daily and I tend to make alot of edits to existing pages (i.e. adding information, deleting spam/unneccessary information, adding templetes etc.). I am also quite knowledgable on Smash Bros. and plenty of other games. I think that I would be fit for this job because I get along with everyone, I'm friendly and open to critism and suggestions. I would not become "power-hungry" if I became a sysop because I want everyone to contribute to SmashWiki and that everyone's voice(s) should be heard. I also originally created most of the Georgetown articles (i.e. Cure, Tron, ToXn etc.) and I've been updating/editing them (and other member's articles) for quite a long period of time. I've also been part of the staff teams (adminstrator, moderator etc.) of other popular sites/forums and I have experience with the ModCp and AdminCp. Whenever I am at fault, I am willing to admit and try to solve/correct it. Everyone has seen my posts on Smashboards and know that I am mature and responsible. I wish to thank you for your time and for reading this. - F8AL

  • I support F8AL, he had been posting on Smash Boards for quite awhile, and he keeps a number of pages up to date.--JohnCurriSuxAtSmash 16:55, November 22, 2007 (EST)
  • I'll also gladly support F8AL. He seems to make good posts on SWF, and does decent edits to this site. I can't see him being a bad choice for Sysop...ness at all.--Blackadder
  • I also support F8AL. I know him personally and he is not someone who will be biased towards someone. Therefore, his opinion in this matter is based on the facts.--Cyber
  • I oppose. As much as I hate being picky but i'd hate to see someone who cannot even sig themselves properly become a sysop. Of course, that's a silly reason to oppose a nominee but there are, indeed, other reasons. Given the choice of F8AL or the other two nominees below, the choice is simple. F8AL has down a great job contributing to SmashWiki, but i do not believe that what he's down so far is enough to qualify him as a Sysop. Don't get me wrong, maybe sometime in the future, F8AL can qualify as such. My two cents.--Janitor 19:18, November 23, 2007 (EST)
  • I support f8al, not only is he dedicated to smashboards and posts unbiased opinions about threads, posts, people, etc. He is a very good candidate for a sysop position.--xCUREx 7:59, November 24, 2007 (EST)
  • F8AL is responsible, educated and knows that work before smash is always the preferred option. He posts intelligently and gives advice and facts for people who aren't inclined to the game as much. We all love F8AL for his unique style in gaming and integrity. I truly believe that F8AL would be the best choice for this spot on V2.0 8:10, November 24, 2007 (EST)
  • F8AL is a respectable poster on the SWF, showing his intelligence and his ability to articulate and defend his ideas. I don’t frequent the SmashWiki, but if his posts on the Smashboards are any indication, he will make for an amazing Sysop. I would be willing to stand behind any decision he makes, as I’m sure he would never do anything to aggravate the Smash community.--Sensai
  • I'm not so sure. I admittedly haven't seen his posts on Smashboards, but that fact that he did not sign himself using ~~~~ kinds of pushes me towards weak oppose. However, seeing how everyone believes he is a respectable user on Smashboards, I'm sure he'll make a great editor on Smash Wiki. I am just not too sure about sysop just yet. --Misken67 05:22, 7 March 2008 (UTC)
  • Oppose - Has been inactive, with only 3 edits in the past 2 months, which look to be housekeeping on related articles to him. SmashWiki'rs trust him, but I'm not sure he would use the buttons effectually on SmashWiki. --Sky (t | c | w) 05:30, 7 March 2008 (UTC)