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Hello, I am Magiciandude, but you can call me MD for short. I wish to volunteer to a sysop. If you look at my contributions, I've been helping SmashWiki with the images. I've helped out adding stage images as well as their templates when no one else had done it. I've attempted to help out the rookies/newcomers by adding images to the basic terms and help add images to display an example. Take knock-out for instances. I've started "Role in Subspace Emissary" sections, when I added it to Mario (SSBB). By being a sysop, I will help delete vandalism and articles that have not played a major to either the Smash series or community. I will continue to help SmashWiki become more welcoming to rookies/newbies when they come to this site. My achievements to this site can be seen in my user page. Magiciandude 17:12, December 6, 2007 (EST)