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FailedPolicy.png This proposed policy or guideline has failed to gain the approval of the community, and so has not been implemented. It remains for archival purposes.

Being bold on SmashWiki can be described via the phrase "go for it". SmashWiki is a collaborative effort where everyone works together to achieve a common goal. When it comes to pages of all sorts, SmashWiki encourages all users to be bold and add, remove, or change information where they feel it may be required. As a resource, SmashWiki can only improve as more editors contribute to it, whether via fixing problems, correcting grammar, adding information, or ensuring wording is unambiguous in its meaning. SmashWiki wants its editors to add, revise, and edit articles, no matter the scope of the article or the edit.

Being bold also applies to all talk pages on SmashWiki. All editors are encouraged to avoid being mute spectators in disputes, and SmashWiki asks all editors to chip into a debate if they have a new opinion or viewpoint.

Editors should not get upset or feel discouraged if their bold edits are reverted. Instead, editors should be reminded to assume good faith, and be bold again, though this time, instead try to edit the talk page as to avoid creating an edit war. Wikipedia's own guideline on being bold even says that editors who do not find their edits getting reverted every now and then are not being bold enough.

How to be bold on SmashWiki[edit]

Being bold on SmashWiki is a simple process: an editor, of any standing, merely needs to edit any article on SmashWiki they feel is in need of improvement. It does not matter how large or small this improvement may be, or how large or small the article itself is. An improvement can involve adding images, removing irrelevant information, changing wordings on pages, and many other such courses of action. Finding an article to be bold on is not difficult; such articles can be found by either looking through the Things to Do template, the recently changed pages, or even just finding a random page to work on.

While the boldness of editors is a great asset, editors should take care to not edit disruptively or recklessly. While many changes can be easily reverted, particularly significant changes can become long-lasting and harder to fix. Furthermore, being bold should be exercised with caution if the bold edit is particularly in-depth, affects many pages, or covers a controversial topic. In such cases, consensus may be required for such an edit to be performed. Editors should always use their best judgement in these cases, and consider consulting with the talk page before making bold edits. If at any point editors unsure of anything before making a bold edit, they should try asking for advice, whether on a talk page or with another user.

Furthermore, regardless of an editor's intentions, being bold is not an excuse to violate any policies on SmashWiki.