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Instead of having a special move that can be used for recovery, Yoshi has a very high and long double jump. During it, it's hard to knock him away. He's a very atypical character.
For types like this, they have the potential to be very strong when handled well, right?

Image of Yoshi from official site of Super Smash Bros.


  • Superior attack range and reach.
  • Double jump has very long horizontal and vertical reach.
    In addition, it ignores weak attacks.
  • Head is invincible during many headbutt attacks.
  • Other characters are kept at bay by his types of special attacks.
  • Reasonably fast grab, for an extended-grabber.


  • On the whole, leaves himself open when attacking.
  • Has no recovery special move.
  • Movement, such as walk, dash, and jump, are sluggish.
  • Tends to be more difficult to use than other characters.

Double jump (tap up or C in the air)

  • Unlike other double jumps, travels very far sideways and up.
  • The double jump can cancel knockback.
    If the knockback isn't above a certain level,
    it will have no reaction and continue uninterrupted.
    (see technique #52)
  • Yoshi doesn't have a recovery special move,
    so using his one jump perfectly is important.

Shield (Z)

  • Unlike other characters, Yoshi's shield is an egg.
  • Attacking the egg weakens it
    and may also break it.
  • As the egg always covers everything,
    you don't need to worry until just before it breaks.
For SW:1226
Once it's this dark, it's about to break.

Dashing Headbutt (dash attack)
Nasal Rise (strong up attack)
Smash Headbutt (side smash attack)
Overheadbutt (up smash attack)

  • These head-based attacks
    have temporary invincibility for Yoshi's head.
    This makes it easier to overcome others' attacks.
  • The length of the invincibility depends on the attack.
For SW:1226
This is pretty effective.
And strong.

Flutterkick Attack (down air attack)

  • It's not very notable if used normally,
    but if used skillfully, it can do over 50 damage in one use.
    (possibly the most-damaging attack of any character)
  • Best-used when moving upwards in the dead center of the enemy.

Spinning Headbutt (forward air attack)

  • This attack sends enemies downwards.
    So, if it hits an enemy trying to recover,
    if can KO in one hit.
  • However, this is not a head-invincible attack,
    so it can be countered.

Tongue Catch (grab)

  • Like Samus's Grapple Beam and Link's Hookshot, this is a long-range grab.
  • Compared to the others, it's a bit shorter but faster.
  • Follows slopes;
    Yoshi's tongue will follow the slope of the ground he's on.
    This can be good or bad.

    (see technique #55)

Egg Lay (normal special move)

  • This special move eggs the enemy.
  • On entering the egg, the opponent takes 5 damage.
  • By laying an egg off the edge, this can be a one-hit KO.
  • If in a Yoshi egg,
    opponents can still move left and right while in the air.
    When someone lays an egg over a cliff, this is what the victim should do to deal with it.
  • Opponents in eggs can break it faster by clattering buttons and the stick.
  • Damage is halved while in an egg.
    However, it's easy to crack.
  • Upon escaping an egg, characters are invincible for 12 frames.
  • Each character has a specific egg size.
    Even Giant Donkey Kong can be put into a correspondingly large egg.

Egg Throw (up special move)

  • Yoshi throws an egg.
    The throwing angle can be adjusted by changing the horizontal stick position before throwing, and the distance by how long the B button is pressed.

    This gives it a faily wide range when used well.
  • After a certain time, or after it hits something, it explodes and has a wider range.
  • It hits upwards, so it can be followed up on.
▲This is an approximation of the egg range at full power.

Hip Drop (down special move)

  • After jumping diagonally if on the ground,
  • Yoshi uses a diving attack from the air.
  • Landing lag is large, so stars pop out on either side to protect Yoshi's body.
    Compared to Kirby's Stone,
    this makes it harder to dodge.
    However it's weaker and not invincible.

Table of Yoshi's moves
Weak attack 1 Kick
Weak attack 2 Double Kick
Weak attack 3 -
Continuous weak attack -
Dash attack Dashing Headbutt
Strong side attack Strong Kick
Strong up attack Nasal Rise
Strong down attack Tail Attack
Side smash attack Smash Headbutt
Up smash attack Overheadbutt
Down smash attack Back-and-Forth Tail
Neutral air attack Yoshi Kick
Forward air attack Spinning Headbutt
Back air attack Back Kick
Up air attack Spinning Tail
Down air attack Flutterkick Attack
Grab Tongue Catch
Forward throw Spit
Back throw Backspit
Normal special move Egg Lay
Up special move Egg Throw
Down special move Hip Drop