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The 12 Challengers

" Choose Your Character. "

SmashWiki:12TP/JigglypuffSmashWiki:12TP/PikachuSmashWiki:12TP/FoxSmashWiki:12TP/KirbySmashWiki:12TP/YoshiSmashWiki:12TP/NessSmashWiki:12TP/Captain FalconSmashWiki:12TP/SamusSmashWiki:12TP/LinkSmashWiki:12TP/Donkey KongSmashWiki:12TP/MarioSmashWiki:12TP/LuigiSSB64DOJO char select.gif

Every character has their own strengths and weaknesses.

The best fighters use their strengths to exploit an opponent's weaknesses.

Incidentally, each of a character's alternate colours has a meaning.

The secrets of alternate colours