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Samus boasts excellent long-range fighting and anti-aerial skills.
In particular, Charge Shot is one of the strongest projectiles, which opponents will need to strategize around.
The Power Suit may be heavy, but it moves lightly.

Image of Samus from official site of Super Smash Bros.


  • Good at long-range fighting.
    With Charge Shot and Grappling Beam for horizontal coverage, Bomb for attacking downwards, and Screw Attack for attacking upwards, there is no blind spot.
  • High jumps.
  • Is heavy despite being slow-falling, so takes longer to KO.
  • Morph Ball dodge makes it easy to dodge attacks.


  • Lacks a good way to escape tough situations.
  • Has no moves for vertical KOs.
  • Charge Shot and Grappling Beam are slow.
  • Floaty jumps make it hard to escape enemy attacks.
  • Dodges take a long time to complete.
  • Screw Attack's recovery distance is not good.

Dodge (Z+sideways)

  • Samus dodges by using the Morph Ball.
  • It doesn't provide any extra invincibility, but it's hard for enemies to attack such a small object.

Meteor Knuckle (down air attack)

  • This attack hits downwards, so if you can catch a recovering opponent with it, you can get an easy KO.
  • Attack time is relatively short.
  • With Samus's high and floaty jumps, it's easy to aim.
  • Be careful to not dive when trying to use a down air attack. (this applies to any character)

Grappling Beam (grab)

  • A beam that pulls in enemies.
  • Compared to Link's Hooshot, it's bigger, longer, and more damaging.
  • In terms of knockback, Samus's is stronger at low damage, while Link's is stronger at high damage. Of course, this depends on the opponent's weight.
SSB64DOJO Samus grapple intro.gif
You can see it in the opening.

Charge Shot (normal special move)

  • When charged up, the strongest projectile in the game.
  • It's charged like Donkey Kong's Giant Punch. Press Z (shield) to cancel and store the charge.
  • The more you charge, the bigger and stronger the shot gets.
  • If you are attacked while charging, you lose it all. Use Z to cancel if something is incoming.
  • It cannot be charged in the air. However, a shot charged beforehand can be fired in the air.
  • A lot of Samus's potential is based on how much a fully-charged shot can be carried and used at the right moment. It's your main weapon.
  • Beware of reflectors.

Screw Attack (up special move)

  • A rotating jump that drags the enemy upward. It can also be used for recovery. When used on the ground it has good reach, but when used in the air is has much less vertical distance.
  • You become invincible for 11 frames when used on the ground, or 3 frames in the air. The invincibility covers a lot of space when used on the ground, so it's hard to counter.
  • It is difficult for enemies to escape.
  • Once complete, it causes the dropping pratfall.
SSB64DOJO Screw Attack.gif

Bomb (down special move)

  • A projectile that falls straight down.
  • It explodes if it gets attacked, it hits an enemy or object, or after 100 frames.
  • It bounces on the ground.
  • You can move left and right while laying a Bomb, so it can be used to attack while dodging.
  • Samus rolls up if a Bomb explodes nearby. This can also make it easy to dodge attacks.
SSB64DOJO DK juggles Samus.gif
It's a good air-to-ground attack.

Table of Samus's moves
Weak attack 1 Straight
Weak attack 2 Cannon Hammer
Weak attack 3 -
Continuous weak attack -
Dash attack Shoulder Tackle
Strong side attack Spin Kick
Strong up attack Heel Kick
Strong down attack Low Kick
Side smash attack Cannon Knuckle
Up smash attack Hellfire
Down smash attack Spinning Low Kick
Neutral air attack Samus Kick
Forward air attack Aerial Hellfire
Back air attack Sobat
Up air attack Drill Kick
Down air attack Meteor Knuckle
Grab Grappling Beam
Forward throw Grappling Throw
Back throw Grappling Back Throw
Normal special move Charge Shot
Up special move Screw Attack
Down special move Bomb