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The world-famous plumber.

He can be called a standard character,
one with no strong weaknesses.

With a good balance of speed and skill,
he can handle a variety of battle situations.

As a result, the player's skill
will become significantly more important.

SSB64 Mario.gif


  • Has no real weaknesses or vulnerabilities.
  • Good jumping height.
  • Has a good balance of different types of abilities.


  • Has no real strengths or advantages.
  • Mobility such as dashing speed is not so good.
  • Does not have a strong special move.

Uppercut (strong up attack)
Smash Headbutt (up smash)
Air Slash (up air attack)

  • These moves will knock the opponent upwards.
  • If used well with knowledge of the target's accumulated damage,
    you can keep the opponent in a combo.
  • Examples: Smash Headbutt → Uppercut × α
    → Air Slash (from jump)→ Air Slash (from double jump)

Taunt (L button)

  • Mario's taunt makes him humongous. As well as being obvious,
    it ends when the enlarged hurtbox is hit, and it's very well-liked.
  • Also, this seems to be the longest taunt?
For SW:1226

Giant Swing (back throw)

  • The Giant Swing back throw
    can hit other enemies using the one you're throwing.
  • It has very high power for a throw, though I like to use it because it looks cool.
For SW:1226
It's hard with those short limbs.

Fireball (normal special move)

  • A projectile that bounces on the ground.
  • When it hits an enemy or item, reaches the end of its life,
    or bounces lower than a fixed height it disappears.
  • Since the fireball falls, shooting in the air
    will hopefully extend the distance and coverage.
  • Easily destroys Motion-Sensor Bombs.

Super Jump Punch (up special move)

  • An impressive rising punch. Can be used to recover.
  • Hits up to 9 times; a coin will pop out for every hit. cannot earn a 1-Up by collecting coins.
  • At the start of the move, Mario is invincible for 4 frames.
    This is when the strongest part of the attack is.
  • When the move is over, the dropping pratfall state is entered.
Dropping pratfall: A state where you cannot jump or use any attacks.
See technique 37.

Mario Tornado (down special move)

  • Involves spinning the enemy around, tossing them straight up at the end.
  • Hits with both arms when you're on the ground,
    while when you're in the air there are additional hitboxes on the head and feet.
  • The hitboxes on the arms hit those on the right to the left and those on the left to the right.
    As a result, the opponent is trapped.
  • By pounding the B button, you can float in the air a little.
    If you are even slightly in the air, the aerial hitboxes are used.
  • While spinning, you have limited side-to-side movement.
  • If Mario has you caught in this,
    keep flicking the stick left or right,
    so you might escape by hit stop shift.
For SW:1226
For SW:1226

Hitboxes in the air (red).
Hits on the ground with only the arms.

Table of Mario's moves
Weak attack 1 Left Punch
Weak attack 2 Right Punch
Weak attack 3 Raised Kick
Continuous weak attack -
Dash attack Sliding
Strong side attack Middle Kick
Strong up attack Uppercut
Strong down attack Low Spinning Kick
Side smash attack Smash Punch
Up smash attack Smash Headbutt
Down smash attack Double Kick
Neutral air attack Mario Kick
Forward air attack Spinning Dropkick
Back air attack Backward Dropkick
Up air attack Air Slash
Down air attack Drill Kick
Grab Grab
Forward throw Front Throw
Back throw Giant Swing
Normal special move Fireball
Up special move Super Jump Punch
Down special move Mario Tornado