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Although basically the same as Mario,
there are a few differences and quirks,
as he's not really the heroic type.


SSB64 Luigi.gif

Luigi and Mario: a summary of differences

1: Body shape (= hurtbox sizes)
2: Jumping ability
3: Falling speed (horizontal, vertical, and dive)
4: Slipperiness
5: Colour of standard special move & flies directly sideways
6: For the up special move, the damage after the powerful first frame is 1
7: Down special move is one hit
8: Taunt pose
9: Dash attack
10: Strong down attack
11: Voice (Luigi's is higher, some lines are different)
12: Colour
13: Eyes
14: Popularity
Some things such as shield size are slightly different, but omitted.
Choose whichever of Mario and Luigi you prefer.

Taunt (L button)

  • There is a hidden hitbox in this taunt (on the foot).
  • Its knockback is low, and it's hard to use in a match,
    but if mastered...
For SW:1226
I call this innovation.

Jump (tap up or press C)

  • Luigi's jumps, compared to Mario's, reach higher
    and fall slower.
  • Although it's higher and slower, his horizontal air speed is low,
    so horizontal distance does not extend much.
  • Despite this, Mario and Luigi still
    weigh the same, so their knockback resistance does not change.

Running brake (release stick to neutral while running)

  • If you brake while running,
    it can easily be seen how slippery Luigi is compared to Mario.
  • Each character has a defined "friction",
    that influences their movement behaviour. Luigi has the lowest friction.

Everywhere Punch (dash attack)

  • Luigi's dash attack consists of throwing punches here and there.
  • It isn't intended to be used too much, honestly.
    It may fix a bad habit of relying on dash attacks.

Low Kick (strong down attack)

  • A strong attack, Mario extends his foot while spinning,
    while Luigi extends his foot straight out.
  • Fast to put out, but no power. A move that should not be used much.
For SW:1226
These are a little bit different.

Drill Kick (down air attack)

  • Continuous aerial attack.
  • If you hit a grounded opponent with this, then as you land
    use Luigi's strong Fire Jump Punch.
  • Try not to land too early.

Fireball (normal special move)

  • Luigi's Fireball flies straight ahead.
  • While it's easy to hit opponents with Mario's Fireball,
    Luigi's Fireball finds it easier to block enemy fire.
    Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Power is the same as Mario's.

Super Jump Punch (up special move)

  • High-risk high-return,
    this move can become an important factor for Luigi.

  • When it hits the moment it's used
    it becomes a powerful Fire Jump Punch.

    Its power approaches the Falcon Punch.
  • It then becomes extremely weak, dealing 2 damage once,
    and only producing one coin.
  • On the ground, overlapping characters push away, so it's more likely to hit in the air.
  • Although you could target fallen enemies,
    note that fallen enemies take half damage.
This is the moment!

Luigi Cyclone (down special move)

  • Instead of the Mario Tornado's continuous hitting,
    this does a lot of damage.
  • Again, this can be good or bad.

Table of Luigi's moves
Weak attack 1 Left Punch
Weak attack 2 Right Punch
Weak attack 3 Raised Kick
Continuous weak attack -
Dash attack Everywhere Punch
Strong side attack Middle Kick
Strong up attack Uppercut
Strong down attack Low Kick
Side smash attack Smash Punch
Up smash attack Smash Headbutt
Down smash attack Double Kick
Neutral air attack Luigi Kick
Forward air attack Spinning Dropkick
Back air attack Backward Dropkick
Up air attack Air Slash
Down air attack Drill Kick
Grab Grab
Forward throw Cast Throw
Back throw Giant Swing
Normal special move Fireball
Up special move Super Jump Punch
Down special move Luigi Cyclone