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The sharp sword Link wields puts him in a class of his own when it comes to range. However, his lagginess and poor running and jumping skills are among the worst.
While he appears strong against beginners, スキをのがさずつけ狙われる上級戦では、牽制で心理効果をねらいつつ、キメ時を考えることが重要。

Image of Link from official site of Super Smash Bros.


  • His sword provides large power and reach.
  • His sword doesn't have a hurtbox, so it wins most clashes.
  • Hookshot has very large grabbing range.
  • He has a wide variety of KO moves.


  • Attacks are generally slow and laggy.
  • Very poor movement; low jump and low run speed.
  • Hookshot is very slow in general.
  • Recovery has very poor distance.

Continuous weak attack

  • Link is the only character to have two weak attack sequences, based on whether he repeatedly presses the button.
  • After the second weak attack (Return), press A once for a Thrust, or press A multiple times for Phantom Thrust.
  • You cannot continue a Thrust into a Phantom Thrust, even if you press the button afterward.
SSB64DOJO Link neutral 1.gif
SSB64DOJO Link neutral 2.gif
Thrust hits once.
It has some power.
Phantom Thrust hits multiple times.
It has wider range.

Down Thrust (down air attack)

  • Attack where Link falls with his sword pointing downwards.
  • If it hits, Link bounces and may be able to hit again.
  • Both this and the Up Thrust have very high landing lag. However, this can be avoided by pressing Z just before landing.
  • If facing a Link who doesn't cancel the langing lag, roll (Z + left/right tap) for an easy counterattack.

Hookshot (grab)

  • Long-ranged, slow grab.
  • It only grabs at the tip, and stops once it's reached full extension.
  • Both of Link's throws involve kicking the enemy, which can also damage bystanders.

Boomerang (normal special move)

  • A projectile that flies sideways and then returns to Link's hand.
  • There can only be one on the screen at a time.
  • By tapping the control stick, you can throw a Smash Boomerang. Doing this increases its speed (and therefore flight distance). It does the same damage.
  • You can aim the Boomerang up or down by moving the stick vertically before throwing. This can be combinied with smash throwing.
  • If it hits the stage before returning, it bounces based on the angle of the terrain.
  • While returning, it goes through the stage.
  • It can disappear if it leaves the screen or lasts a certain amount of time.
This is the possible range of angles.

Spin Attack (up special move)

  • A wide-ranging spinning slash. It can be used for recovery.
  • On the ground, it forms a wind that hits a large area. This wind hits on all sides, but the sword is likely to strike anyways, so there's no big difference.
  • The sword's hitbox is the same whether on the ground or in the air.
  • The attack is stronger at the start of the spin, so aim for hitting enemies clean.
  • When used in the air, it causes the dropping pratfall when finished.

Bomb (down special move)

  • Creates a bomb that acts as a throwing item.
  • As an item, you can throw it freely even vertically (up/down+Z+A) or with a smash throw (tap+Z+A), you can't use normal attacks or grab other items while holding it, and you can't pull one out if you're holding a different item.
  • Bombs explode after five seconds, if hit by another explosion, or they impact an enemy or stage at high enough speed.
  • The explosion will hurt Link. When throwing at nearby enemies, try jumping and throwing down from above.
  • If a bomb doesn't hit something with enough speed, it remains in place without exploding. Anyone can pick them up and throw them. This changes the bomb's ownership to whoever picks it up.
    (which means any KO the bomb earns will be given to that player)
  • Hitting someone with a bomb deals damage from both the impact and the explosion.
  • It's possible for only the explosion to deal damage.
It's good to have an item for a special move.

Table of Link's moves
Weak attack 1 Cleave
Weak attack 2 Return
Weak attack 3 Thrust
Continuous weak attack Phantom Thrust
Dash attack Dashing Thrust
Strong side attack Bamboo Slice
Strong up attack Half-Moon Slice
Strong down attack Grass Cutter
Side smash attack Smash Slash
Up smash attack Triple Slash
Down smash attack Back-and-Forth Foot Slash
Neutral air attack Link Kick
Forward air attack Spinning Slice
Back air attack Double Kick
Up air attack Up Thrust
Down air attack Down Thrust
Grab Hookshot
Forward throw Kick Hop
Back throw Backward Kick
Normal special move Boomerang
Up special move Spin Attack
Down special move Bomb