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Kirby's a hard target for opponents to hit, but since he's light, even taking a bit of damage is a problem.
His attacks are fast, but they're hard to KO with because they're weak.
His Copy Abilities expand his repertiore. He can also a point.

Image of Kirby from the official site of Super Smash Bros.


  • Fast attacks.
  • Has a good and easy recovery, thanks to his flight.
  • Small body is difficult to hit.
  • Can copy an opponent's move.


  • Attacks are somewhat weak.
  • Doesn't have many KO moves.
  • Has short reach overall.
  • Because he's light, even taking a little damage is a big factor.
  • Has slow special moves.

Taunt (L button)

  • This lets you discard a copy ability you don't want.
  • In addition, there's a 1/12 chance of losing a copy ability when getting hit.
SSB64DOJO Kirby copy drop.gif
The star popping out is the sign that you threw out a copy.

Flight (double jump)

  • You can fly by jumping up to 5 times in the air. However, as you fly, each jump loses height.
  • You get all 5 jumps back when you land.
  • After the first double jump, you can fly continuously by holding up (or holding the C button).
  • To get the best horizontal distance, instead of flying continuously, let yourself fall for a bit between each jump. Finding the right rhythm will get you far.

Vulcan Jab (continuous weak attack)

  • Has the greatest reach of the rapid-hitting attacks.
  • If you find yourself stuck in Kirby's punches, keep tapping the stick in a given direction to shift yourself that way (hit stop shift) in order to escape.

Low Kick (strong down attack)
Propeller Kick (down smash attack)

  • These attacks hit at a very low angle. It's harder to recover when you aren't given a lot of height to work with. Some places are well-suited to dropping opponents low.

Screwdriver (down air attack)

  • This attack hits opponents downwards, so if you can hit an enemy who's trying to recover with it, you can get an easy KO.
  • Kirby can fly, so you probably won't self-destruct when trying this. But try not to be interrupted.
  • Like with some other characters, you can try to combo with it as you land.

Swallow (normal special move)

Swallow Stuffed Spit Use copy
End swallow Copy Discard copy
  • Inhale an enemy to trap them in your mouth. From there, you can:
    Move the stick backwards to turn around
    Press A to spit them out
    Press B or move the stick down to swallow and copy
  • If you get caught by Kirby, you can try and escape by mashing buttons and clattering the stick. But this isn't likely to matter much.
  • You can also do this to reduce the time spent as a star, if you are spit out. This is important if you're about to be dropped offstage.
  • The spit star has high attack power. Once it hits an enemy, hits a wall, or runs out of time the spit character is freed.
  • Copying the opponent shoots them up and back, and gives Kirby a matching hat. This move is then replaced by that character's normal special move.
  • Kirby's hurtbox does not change based on his hat, even if it looks it.
  • There is almost no difference between the copied ability and its original. Of course, since Kirby is short and has small arms, not all are exactly the same.
  • A Kirby without a copy ability is basically "without makeup". (a Japanese idiom)
  • You get nothing if you copy another Kirby, but if that Kirby has a copy, you can steal it. You can even take abilities from the Kirby Corps in the 1P Game.
SSB64DOJO Kirby copy gain.gif
Don't ask me how this works.

Final Cutter (up special move)

  • A three-part attack that features a jump and a projectile.
  • A clean hit will strike with all three parts of the attack. (maybe)
  • It doesn't go as high when used in the air.
  • It can be moved sideways slightly until you land.
  • Careful: If you don't land, you'll keep falling forever!
  • The move's projectile slides along the ground. It contours to slopes.
  • It takes a long time to shoot the projectile, so somelike like Fox can reflect it easily.

Stone (down special move)

  • Transform into a stone and become invincible. Press B after transforming to return to normal.
  • When used in the air, it has a strong hitbox as it falls, but it doesn't have any hitbox at all when used on the ground. You only get the invincibility.
  • However, you transform a lot faster on the ground. This makes it good for nullyfing strong attacks.
  • You can't move as a stone, but you will slide down slopes.
  • You are invincible during the transformation, but you can be grabbed and thrown.
  • The transformation will be broken if it takes a total of 50 damage. The stone's colour changes as it takes damage.
SSB64DOJO Kirby hammered stone.gif
A Hammer will break the stone in 2 hits.

Table of Kirby's moves
Weak attack 1 Left Punch
Weak attack 2 Right Punch
Weak attack 3 -
Continuous weak attack Vulcan Jab
Dash attack Head Slide
Strong side attack Spinning Kick
Strong up attack Kirby Tail
Strong down attack Low Kick
Side smash attack Smash Kick
Up smash attack Somersault Kick
Down smash attack Propeller Kick
Neutral air attack Kirby Kick
Forward air attack Corkscrew Kick
Back air attack Drop Kick
Up air attack Twinkle Star
Down air attack Screwdriver
Grab Grab
Forward throw Izuna Drop
Back throw Brainbuster
Normal special move Swallow
Up special move Final Cutter
Down special move Stone