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Donkey Kong

As expected, he's a power-type character. His attacks have more power, but they have more lag.
While his large size makes him vulnerable to attack, he takes less knockback due to his heavy weight.
As the "biggest" in many ways, he needs to take advantage of these strengths.

Image of Donkey Kong from official site of Super Smash Bros.


  • Heavy, so takes less knockback.
  • Attacks deal high damage and have long range.
  • Giant Punch is extremely powerful.
  • Is able to pick up and carry enemies.


  • Slow overall, with laggy attacks.
  • Easy to hit because of his size.
  • Looks like a bad guy. (...)
  • Because his recovery move has little height, he has to use it early.

Hammer Knuckle (forward air attack)
Air Stampede (down air attack)

  • Since these attacks hit opponents downwards, they are very good for KOing recovering enemies.
    Each is stronger in different situations. These differences need to be mastered.
    (see technique #38)

Lifting (grab, forward throw)

  • When Donkey Kong uses his forward throw, he picks the enemy up and can carry them around.
  • He does the same with heavy items (Crates and Barrels).
  • Picking up the enemy does 8 damage. It then does damage again upon throwing.
  • When carrying, DK cannot dash, double jump, use any attacks or special moves, shield, dodge, or taunt. This is similar to when holding a Hammer.
  • Carried players can try to break free by clattering their stick. They do not escape naturally over time.
  • The higher the opponent's damage is, the longer it takes to break free. At 140% damage, the opponent has to struggle for twice as long compared to 0%.
  • An underhand strategy is to jump off the stage and throw the opponent when very low. To get out of this, the opponent has to clatter their stick and button mash as fast as possible.
SSB64DOJO DK cargocide.gif
Pulled into the darkness.

Giant Punch (normal special move)

  • When this move is initially input, DK starts swinging his arm to charge power. Pressing B again throws a punch that increases in power based on the number of arm swings.
  • It's possible to begin charging while in midair. This is a good trick to be less suspectible to counterattack.
  • Each arm swing raises the damage dealt by 2.
  • Pressing the Z button before reaching full charge will cancel the swinging and store the charge.
  • If interrupted, pressing the button again will throw the punch if it reached full power, or begin charging from where it left off otherwise.
  • If you are damaged while charging, all the charge is lost. If you think you're about to be hit, quickly press Z to keep what you have!
  • At full charge, the move's knockback increases. You will also be invincible when the attack comes out, making it hard to interrupt.
  • While you have full charge, DK's right hand and body will flash. This warns the opponent, but also tells the user that the punch is ready to throw.
SSB64DOJO DK aerial punch charge.gif
Being in the air helps prevent interference.

Spinning Kong (up special move)

  • For this move, DK spins around with his arms outstretched. It can be used as a recovery move.
  • Because it has mostly sideways movement rather than vertical, it has to be used earlier than most other characters' recovery moves.
  • It can be used on the ground as well as in the air, but its ground movement is poor.
  • DK is invincible for the first 5 frames, so it can be used safely in a fray.
  • In the air, only part of his arms are invincible. With some luck, this can cancel out projectiles.
  • The attack has three stages. It gets weaker and smaller over time.
  • When the attack ends in the air, DK enters the dropping pratfall state.

Hand Slap (down special move)

  • Strike the ground to knock opponents upwards.
  • This is the only special move that cannot be used in the air.
  • There are four hitboxes to this attack, arranged to the left and right of DK's feet. They might miss if the opponent is on a hill or slope, but can still hit even if they are on a different platform.
  • The front half of the attack has more range.
  • The attack cannot hit aerial enemies. Therefore, a breakfall (press Z just before landing while tumbling) will help avoid being hit continuously.
  • Pressing the button repeatedly will keep the attack continuous. That said, be wary of extending the attack longer than desired.
  • Opponents hit by this move can be followed up on by a finishing blow, like a Giant Punch.
SSB64DOJO DK Hand Slap 1.gif SSB64DOJO DK Hand Slap 2.gif
The hitboxes of Hand Slap (in red).
They do not conform to slopes; they always extend directly sideways.

Table of Donkey Kong's moves
Weak attack 1 Jab
Weak attack 2 Upper
Weak attack 3 -
Continuous weak attack -
Dash attack Iron Kick
Strong side attack Kong Straight
Strong up attack Cobweb Clear
Strong down attack Foot Slap
Side smash attack Power Slap
Up smash attack Jumbo Press
Down smash attack Grand Roll
Neutral air attack Donkey Lariat
Forward air attack Hammer Knuckle
Back air attack Kong Rocket
Up air attack Aerial Cobweb Clear
Down air attack Air Stampede
Grab Grab (Lifting)
Forward throw Lifting Throw
Back throw Direct Throw
Normal special move Giant Punch
Up special move Spinning Kong
Down special move Hand Slap