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Show Me Your News (abbrieviated as SMYN) is a weekly podcast created by SmashBoards member Youko. It was created on July 7, 2007 and was formerly known as The Dojo, but had its name changed due to confusion with the website Smash Bros. Dojo, also called The Dojo. The new name was named after Youko's main, Captain Falcon, and his trademark taunt, "Show me your moves!", and was first coined by Fawriel. The podcast was released every Sunday, where the hosts (usually Youko and Samurai Panda with the occasional guest) review the week's Smash News and go through subjects brought in by other SmashBoards Members.

SMYN has gone into a biweekly format. One episode will be the standard "Gaming News" format, while the other will be the new Smash Back Room (SBR) Podcast. The SBR Podcast will go over issues in the competitive brawl world along with fellow SBR members.

The podcast is also available on iTunes here.


Season One[edit]

Pre E3

Post E3

This World

New Physics

Subspace Emissary

The Letdown

Stickers, Stickers, Stickers

The Golden Week

Gliding to New Beginnings

Character's Serenade

Cold Sacrifices

Snake? Online! BRAWWWWLLL!!!

Season Two[edit]

Trophies at Dawn

Samus Takes Her Clothes Off

Feeling Blue

E for Brawl

The King and the Kong

Very Scary Ruins

Through the Foxes and Flames

I Wanted to Explain Them Again

Now That's Just Cold

We Really Have Thought of Everything

Real Men Use Items

is the Main Menu

Pandacast Numero Uno!

The Pandacast Strikes Back: Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Season Three[edit]

State of the Brawl Address

A Fated Symbiotic Relationship

Rather Sheiking

A Mushroomy Masterpiece

The End and a Beginning

It Could Have Been Today

Wii Love to Play

Golden Nipples

All Good Things...

A Glorious Wiiturn

Guns Of the Podcast

Bangers and Smash

Brawl is Not in the Realm

Purple Pirate Peabird

Season Four[edit]

SBR: Banning Meta Knight

Podcast Awesome

SBR: Hacking Brawl

Retrospective Countdown



Youko and SamuraiPanda discuss recent topics in Brawl in an unscripted, very loosely outlined discussion. The discussion is run through Skype, despite the fact that the two go to the same university and have actually met in person in order to discuss the segment concept. This is a type of discussion that was lacking in season one of SMYN but brings a lot of variety to the show in season two. Starting with episode 17, Roundtable included a third speaker in the mix and has replaced The Rundown. The guest speakers include colbusman, Piffman2, Gimpyfish, Mic_128, Buzz (accompanied by Sugarpoultry), and Cyberlink420, as well as the multiple guest speakers in the "Pandacast."


Youko reads questions sent to him from SmashBoards members. These questions can be about anything members wish to ask the host about. After he reads and answers a few questions, Youko will ask a couple questions of the audience to be answered in the thread. This concept, generated by SmashBoards member Somasu, helps the fans to learn more about Youko and Youko to learn more about the fans.

Rumor Central[edit]

Although this section doesn't appear as often as the others, Youko and SamuraiPanda may find a rumor around SmashBoards or anywhere else on the internet. If they think it is worthy enough, then they will tell it to everyone through this section of the podcast.


Appearing in the Third Season, Youko and SamuraiPanda interview one or two people and ask them anything from their views on Brawl to their contributions to SmashBoards.

Previous Segments[edit]

Who's In[edit]

Once a bi-weekly segment by SmashBoards member Sariku.Uchiha, it was cancelled when Season 2 started. In this segment, Sariku would give his personal views on characters other members wanted him to review. Although he was one of the first people to provide a voice to the podcast, he was criticized for providing a more "personal" view and giving reviews that sounded like he didn't study up on the subject, including the infamous "Wolf killed James McCloud." However, his last review, featuring Megaman, Captain Olimar, and Geno, was well received by members of SmashBoards.

The last segment aired on September 23, 2007.

Show Yourself[edit]

Once a bi-weekly segment by members of SmashBoards, it was cancelled when Season 2 started. This segment asked for members of SmashBoards to send in audio submissions of them talking about themselves. They could choose what they would talk about. Most members would choose who they mained in Melee and when they started to play Smash, but some would also branch into other fields, like recreational activities.

The last segment aired on September 16, 2007.

The Rundown[edit]

Included in every episode, Youko chooses three of the updates in which he will talk in detail about. In the first part, he'll quickly state his opinion on those that "didn't make the cut." Then, he'll dive into the three main updates of the week, in which he'll state both his own and SmashBoards members' opinions on the updates. However, the Rundown was not written for Episode 17, and Youko decided to cancel the Rundown.

The last segment aired on October 21, 2007.

Brawl viewpoint[edit]

Sent in by members of SmashBoards in either audio or text format, this is a chance for the members to try out their own opinion on what Brawl already has or really needs. This is a popular segment, as many members have sent in their opinion on very different matters, from the Subspace Emissary, to third-party characters, to Bli33ard's infamous stage creator mode.

The last segment aired on December 16, 2007.

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