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Samus (SSB)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 Straight and Cannon Hammer SamusJab1SSB.gif
Neutral attack 2 Straight and Cannon Hammer SamusJab2SSB.gif
Forward tilt SamusFTiltSSB.gif
Forward tilt mid up SamusFTiltMidUpSSB.gif
Forward tilt up SamusFTiltUpSSB.gif
Forward tilt mid down SamusFTiltMidDownSSB.gif
Forward tilt down SamusFTiltDownSSB.gif
Up tilt SamusUTiltSSB.gif
Down tilt SamusDTiltSSB.gif
Dash attack SamusDashAttackSSB.gif
Forward smash SamusFSmashSSB.gif
Forward smash up SamusFSmashMidUpSSB.gif
Forward smash up SamusFSmashUpSSB.gif
Forward smash mid down SamusFSmashMidDownSSB.gif
Forward smash down SamusFSmashDownSSB.gif
Up smash Cover Fire SamusUSmashSSB.gif
Down smash SamusDSmashSSB.gif
Neutral aerial SamusNAirSSB.gif
Forward aerial SamusFAirSSB.gif
Back aerial SamusBAirSSB.gif
Up aerial SamusUAirSSB.gif
Down aerial SamusDAirSSB.gif
Neutral special (minimum charge) Charge Shot SamusNSpecialMinSSB.gif
Neutral special (maximum charge) Charge Shot SamusNSpecialMaxSSB.gif
Up special grounded Screw Attack SamusUSpecialGSSB.gif
Up special aerial Screw Attack SamusUSpecialASSB.gif
Down special Bomb SamusDSpecialSSB.gif
Grab Grapple Beam SamusGrabSSB.gif
Forward throw SamusFThrowSSB.gif
Back throw SamusBThrowSSB.gif
Getup attack front SamusGetupAttackFrontSSB.gif
Getup attack back SamusGetupAttackBackSSB.gif
Ledge attack (fast) SamusLedgeAttackFastSSB.gif
Ledge attack (slow) SamusLedgeAttackSlowSSB.gif