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Interstate Smashers in the Blue Mountains, NSW

S3 Cubed, held in Sydney, New South Wales in July 2007, emerged out of spontaneous visits from respected members of the Queensland and Victorian Smash Communities. 2 editions were held at UTS in Central Sydney. NSW is increasingly finding itself in the centre of attention in Australian Smash, after years of being a silent state.

Tournament Directors[edit]

C0d3M0nk3y, Jaz


Singles Sunday:

  2. Freddo (VIC)
  3. Chicken Salad (NSW)
  4. Jaz (NSW)

Teams Sunday:

  1. Jaz + Bjay
  2. Freddo + Markarse
  3. CAOTIC + Myst Walker

Singles Wednesday:

  2. Freddo (VIC)
  3. Syke (QLD)
  4. Sirias (QLD)