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Prodigies of Premium Smash (or PPS for short) was a Smash 64 crew active during 2006-2010, which was once considered the best online crew following MC's disbandment. Members were noted by having either the stylized ¨°PÞ-§°¨ or PPS before their name. The honor currently belongs to TR3G, an (almost entirely) Fox crew which has some of the old PPS members along with other strong players.

Former members, by approximate join date[edit]


  • Many of the members of PPS were from Canada, so whenever anyone asked to play them, they would tell the challenger to "come to Canada". The line has since been used quite frequently by various PPS members ever since it first appeared in one of SuperBoomFan's posts on SmashBoards.
  • The crew was partially founded as a response to iXi, being a more selective crew by comparison to the 75 or more members of iXi.

Old group combo video[edit]

GoogleVideo Combo Video (on Youtube)