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PC walk

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In Super Smash Bros. Melee, the PC walk, or PC turnaround, is a sliding technique that involves transferring the momentum from a walk into a smash turn. The PC walk is named after the old-school smasher, PC Chris.

Performing the PC walk[edit]

Setting up a PC walk is similar to setting up a moonwalk by fast walking in the direction to slide and then transferring that momentum by turning, but is performed with a smash turn by quickly and lightly flicking the control stick in the opposite direction for only a single frame and then resetting the control stick to the neutral position instead of smash turning with a dashback by keeping the control stick in the smash turn zone for more than one frame. This flicking motion is similar to a pivot, but whereas a pivot cancels the momentum from a dash, a PC turnaround transfers the momentum from a fast walk.

PC drop[edit]

The PC drop is the most common application of the PC Walk and is used to quickly grab ledge from a walk. It can also be buffered into a walk from the jumpsquat frames of a wavedash to quickly wavedash into a PC drop from further away from the ledge.

PC turnaround jump[edit]

If one performs a jump out of a PC turnaround, then the momentum from the walk will be transferred over into the jump, but the character will be facing the direction they turned. This is similar to a reverse aerial rush in Brawl and future Smash titles, although it is performed out of a walk instead of a run. One way to set this up is to buffer a walk out of a wavedash. A PC turnaround jump was successfully performed if the control stick is in the neutral position and the character is still moving in the air despite inputting no aerial drift.

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