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Nata Otoshi Geri

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Nata Otoshi Geri
Ken Nata Otoshi Geri SSBU.gif
Nata Otoshi Geri in Ultimate.
User Ken
Universe Street Fighter

Nata Otoshi Geri, often called "Crescent Kick", is one of two Command-input moves exclusive to Ken, the other being Oosoto Mawashi Geri.


The player must perform → ↘ ↓ + attack. If done correctly, Ken will perform a swiping crescent kick. If the button is held, Ken will perform an Inazuma Kick, which is similar to his far-range held neutral attack and deals an impressive amount of shield damage. Due to the much lower damage and shieldpush of the first hit of Crescent Kick compared to Oosoto Mawashi Geri, it is much easier to land both hits on shield at center stage with Crescent Kick.

Due to the frame data of the move, both hits of the normal version of the move is a true blockstring on shields, while the first hit into the inazuma kick is just barely not a true blockstring, making it a very good way to hit opponents who don't hold shield for the full move.

Assuming no staling, it is impossible to Perfect Shield the inazuma kick after shielding the first hit.


Ken performing Nata Otoshi Geri in Super Street Fighter II Turbo.
Ken performing Inazuma Kick in Super Street Fighter II Turbo.

Nata Otoshi Geri was introduced to Ken's moveset in the 1994 arcade game Super Street Fighter II Turbo. As updates to the original kept being made, new characters and new mechanics came with them. One of these new additions was attempts to differentiate Ryu and Ken, who were functionally identical except for minor attacks characteristics beforehand. this resulted in both getting exclusive moves. Ryu got moves like the Shakunetsu Hadoken and Ken got a suite of moves dubbed "Roundhouse Kicks" or "Crazy Kicks," with this move being one of them.

These kicks do not appear as special moves in Ken's kit after the Street Fighter II series, although a few references to them exist in later titles, generally in the form of normal attacks or command normals/unique attacks.