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Mr. Game & Watch (SSBM)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 MrGame&WatchJab1SSBM.gif
Neutral attack infinite MrGame&WatchRapidJabSSBM.gif
Forward tilt MrGame&WatchFTiltSSBM.gif
Up tilt MrGame&WatchUTiltSSBM.gif
Down tilt MrGame&WatchDTiltSSBM.gif
Dash attack MrGame&WatchDashAttackSSBM.gif
Forward smash MrGame&WatchFSmashSSBM.gif
Up smash MrGame&WatchUSmashSSBM.gif
Down smash MrGame&WatchDSmashSSBM.gif
Neutral aerial MrGame&WatchNAirSSBM.gif
Forward aerial MrGame&WatchFAirSSBM.gif
Back aerial MrGame&WatchBAirSSBM.gif
Up aerial MrGame&WatchUAirSSBM.gif
Down aerial MrGame&WatchDAirSSBM.gif
Neutral special Chef MrGame&WatchChefSSBM.gif
Side special (1-8) Judge MrGame&WatchJudgeSSBM.gif
Side special (9) Judge MrGame&WatchJudge9SSBM.gif
Up special Fire MrGame&WatchFireSSBM.gif
Down special (bucket) Oil Panic MrGame&WatchOilPanicBucketSSBM.gif
Down special (attack) Oil Panic MrGame&WatchOilPanicAttackSSBM.gif
Grab MrGame&WatchGrabSSBM.gif
Dash grab MrGame&WatchDashGrabSSBM.gif
Forward roll MrGame&WatchForwardRollSSBM.gif
Back roll MrGame&WatchBackRollSSBM.gif
Spot dodge MrGame&WatchSpotDodgeSSBM.gif
Air dodge MrGame&WatchAirDodgeSSBM.gif