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Marth (SSBU)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 MarthJab1SSBU.gif
Neutral attack 2 MarthJab2SSBU.gif
Forward tilt MarthFTiltSSBU.gif
Up tilt MarthUTiltSSBU.gif
Down tilt MarthDTiltSSBU.gif
Dash attack MarthDashAttackSSBU.gif
Forward smash Dragon Killer MarthFSmashSSBU.gif
Up smash Justice Sword MarthUSmashSSBU.gif
Down smash MarthDSmashSSBU.gif
Neutral aerial MarthNAirSSBU.gif
Forward aerial MarthFAirSSBU.gif
Back aerial About Face MarthBAirSSBU.gif
Up aerial MarthUAirSSBU.gif
Down aerial MarthDAirSSBU.gif
Neutral special Shield Breaker MarthNSpecialSSBU.gif
Neutral special up Shield Breaker MarthNSpecialUpSSBU.gif
Neutral special down Shield Breaker MarthNSpecialDownSSBU.gif
Side special hit 1 Dancing Blade MarthSSpecialHit1SSBU.gif
Side special hit 2 Dancing Blade MarthSSpecialHit2SSBU.gif
Side special hit 2 up Dancing Blade MarthSSpecialHit2UpSSBU.gif
Side special hit 3 Dancing Blade MarthSSpecialHit3SSBU.gif
Side special hit 3 up Dancing Blade MarthSSpecialHit3UpSSBU.gif
Side special hit 3 down Dancing Blade MarthSSpecialHit3DownSSBU.gif
Side special hit 4 Dancing Blade MarthSSpecialHit4SSBU.gif
Side special hit 4 up Dancing Blade MarthSSpecialHit4UpSSBU.gif
Side special hit 4 down Dancing Blade MarthSSpecialHit4DownSSBU.gif
Up special (grounded) Dolphin Slash MarthDolphinSlashGroundedSSBU.gif
Up special (aerial) Dolphin Slash MarthDolphinSlashAerialSSBU.gif
Down special Counter MarthDSpecialSSBU.gif
Down special attack Counter MarthDSpecialAttackSSBU.gif
Standing grab MarthGrabSSBU.gif
Dash grab MarthDashGrabSSBU.gif
Pivot grab MarthPivotGrabSSBU.gif
Pummel MarthPummelSSBU.gif
Forward throw MarthFThrow.gif
Back throw MarthBThrowSSBU.gif
Up throw MarthUThrow.gif
Down throw MarthDThrowSSBU.gif
Getup attack front MarthGetupAttackFrontSSBU.gif
Getup attack back MarthGetupAttackBackSSBU.gif
Getup attack trip MarthTripAttackSSBU.gif
Ledge attack MarthLedgeAttackSSBU.gif