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Tournament:Kansai 2013

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Kansai 2013 (6th Kansai)
Dates March 16, 2013
Venue Kobe Fashion Mart
Address/City 9F (9th Floor)
Rokkō Island, Kobe Japan
Attendance 79
Entry fees 0
Pot size(s) 0
Super Smash Bros. winners Japan jouske 1v1
Director(s) Japan Ruoka Dancho

Kansai 2013 (or 6th Kansai) was a national Smash 64 tournament held in the Kansai region of Japan. There were 62 entrants. After getting defeated by wario (who attend this year) a year ago, Jouske won the title again. Due to Japanese customs/rules, there was no prize fund.


(79 entrants)

Place Name Character
1st Japan Jouske Samus's head icon from SSB.
2nd Japan Moyashi Kirby's head icon from SSB.
3rd Japan bonobono Yoshi's head icon from SSB.
4th Japan kensinn21 Kirby's head icon from SSB.
5th Japan Onett Kirby's head icon from SSB.
5th Japan Akagi C. Falcon's head icon from SSB.
5th Japan S Fox's head icon from SSB.
5th Japan Kikoushi Kirby's head icon from SSB.

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