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Global Brawl Netplay Settings

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Global Brawl Netplay Settings is a Gecko code for Super Smash Bros. Brawl that helps streamline competitive online play. Its usage is a de facto standard in the Dolphin netplay Brawl community, although it is not generally used by the Wiimmfi community.

Version 1[edit]

The original Global Brawl Netplay Settings code was assembled in 2015 by pidgezero_one and SOJ. According to its creators, the code "applies 3 stock/8 minute settings, random stage set to FD/BF/SV/Lylat/Yoshi's, unlocks all characters and stages without having to scroll through notifications, has a full character select screen with ZSS and Sheik, disables tripping and controller input lag, among other fixes."[1] It is based on existing codes by many different Brawl code developer.

The code was incorporated directly into the Dolphin emulator[2] and was standard on Anther's Ladder.[3] It has also been standard in the Brawl Bois Discord group since the group's early history.

Full list of features:

The Global Brawl Netplay Settings code is generally used in conjunction with a "Disable Challenger Approaching" code.

Version 2[edit]

The Global Brawl Netplay Settings V2 code was assembled by Dark Falco and released in 2022 in order to further streamline online play. It is used in conjunction with V1. As of 2022 the Brawl Bois group is in the process of adopting it, and it is part of the group's new Netplay Dolphin builds.

Additional features over V1:

  • Boot directly to character select screen
  • Enables stale moves in training mode
  • Japanese characters allowed in player tags
  • Skip the results screen unless a player holds the X button
  • "Salty Runback" mode (instantly start another game with the same characters and stage by holding L+R+Y)

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