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Ganondorf (SSBM)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 o4d4K.gif
Forward tilt nKPDC.gif
Forward tilt (angled up) Tylqt.gif
Forward tilt (angled down) j6hsi.gif
Up tilt xIpDE.gif
Down tilt qNFeL.gif
Dash attack y1kaO.gif
Forward smash QBOHE.gif
Forward smash (angled up) sVHSY.gif
Forward smash (angled down) Hwgsa.gif
Up smash j6gXM.gif
Down smash cHmIB.gif
Neutral aerial oKmjQ.gif
Forward aerial 2FmxA.gif
Back aerial O8zlX.gif
Up aerial ngIHC.gif
Down aerial NMsFh.gif
Neutral special Warlock Punch 76keB.gif
Side special (ground) Gerudo Dragon qEV1T.gif
Side special (aerial) Gerudo Dragon TJbYN.gif
Side special (ground hit) Gerudo Dragon JkkvL.gif
Side special (aerial hit) Gerudo Dragon dgkZG.gif
Up special Dark Dive YhnE1.gif
Down special (ground) Wizard's Foot KADFf.gif
Down special (aerial) Wizard's Foot Ol4Ow.gif
Grab MAwPTAA.gif
Dash grab 173Z9MD.gif
Forward roll zSGZHoq.gif
Back roll maVZIef.gif
Spot dodges vfOo8BP.gif
Air dodges 05kcUW9.gif