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Ganondorf (SSBM)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 GanondorfJabSSBM.gif
Forward tilt GanondorfFTiltSSBM.gif
Forward tilt (angled up) GanondorfFTiltUpSSBM.gif
Forward tilt (angled down) GanondorfFTiltDownSSBM.gif
Up tilt Hitbox of Ganondorf's up tilt in Melee.
Down tilt GanondorfDTiltSSBM.gif
Dash attack GanondorfDashAttackSSBM.gif
Forward smash GanondorfFSmashSSBM.gif
Forward smash (angled up) GanondorfFSmashUpSSBM.gif
Forward smash (angled down) GanondorfFSmashDownSSBM.gif
Up smash GanondorfUSmashSSBM.gif
Down smash GanondorfDSmashSSBM.gif
Neutral aerial GanondorfNAirSSBM.gif
Forward aerial Hitbox duration of Ganondorf's forward aerial in Melee.
Back aerial Given by Serpent King, requested by Ganonmew.
Up aerial The hitbox of Ganondorf's uair in Melee.
Down aerial Hitbox of Ganondorf's down aerial in Melee.
Neutral special Warlock Punch GanondorfWarlockPunchSSBM.gif
Side special (ground) Gerudo Dragon GanondorfGerudoDragonSearchSSBM.gif
Side special (aerial) Gerudo Dragon GanondorfGerudoDragonSearchAerialSSBM.gif
Side special (ground hit) Gerudo Dragon GanondorfGerudoDragonSSBM.gif
Side special (aerial hit) Gerudo Dragon GanondorfGerudoDragonAerialSSBM.gif
Up special Dark Dive GanondorfDarkDiveSSBM.gif
Down special (ground) Wizard's Foot GanondorfWizardsFootSSBM.gif
Down special (aerial) Wizard's Foot GanondorfWizardsFootAerialSSBM.gif
Grab GanondorfGrabSSBM.gif
Dash grab GanondorfDashGrabSSBM.gif
Forward roll GanondorfForwardRollSSBM.gif
Back roll GanondorfBackRollSSBM.gif
Spot dodge GanondorfSpotDodgeSSBM.gif
Air dodge GanondorfAirDodgeSSBM.gif