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I was browsing the DOJO today (I have no life...) when I noticed some of the pics have references to different games. Behold:


The Octopus is in roughly the same position it is in the G&W game. Kirby appears to be running through, just like one would in Octopus. And the 2 other Kirbies are standin in the upper left, just like 2 other allies would reside in the upper left of the Octopus game, only coming down when one of them died.


A reverse of the old Mario riding Yoshi deal. LOL. You better be able to see that upon looking at the picture for the first time, though.


I remember Kirby made poses like this a lot in the game, but it usually involved stars, not hearts.


This isn't really a reference, but the caption is: Take funny snapshots... What are you implying, Nintendo?!

Anyways, did anyone else notice these? Also, post one if you noticed one I didn't. ParadoxJuice (talk) 02:29, 3 May 2009 (UTC)