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There's been some confusion about the art of Smash Ultimate. A couple of users have been replacing the images taken from the website with larger versions for what at first glance appears to be no reason, which has resulted, on a few occasions, in the update being reverted. I don't think this has progressed to edit warring, but I figure I should make sure everyone is aware of what is going on to try to prevent that from happening. (I don't know if this counts as a proposal, but I wasn't sure where else to put it.)

The issue is that the art, when taken from the website as most of it has been, has a semi-transparent black outline/drop shadow effect. This isn't too big of a deal on its own, except that some of the characters -- namely Wii Fit Trainer, Ryu, Pokemon Trainer, and the Miis -- cannot use their art from the website for various reasons (Wii Fit Trainer and Ryu have their feet cut off; Pokemon Trainer and the Miis are merged together, respectively, with labels overlayed). We managed to find new versions of these characters' art without these issues -- and without the black outline. This creates inconsistency.

Attempts to undo the inconsistency by replacing the other characters' art with similar images without black outlines have been met with reversions claiming that the image is unnecessarily large or that it was fine as it was -- like with Wolf. I can understand why -- it's a fairly minute detail that can easily be overlooked, given the size of most thumbnails on this wiki, but I believe as an encyclopedia that we should strive for consistency and there are cases where it can be quite clearly seen that not all of the images are the same. I understand the wariness to use unnecessarily large images -- server strain and such -- but if it's truly a problem, it makes more sense to shrink the new, consistent images rather than elect to be inconsistent simply as a precaution or due to ignorance.

Am I wasting my time by making this post? Probably. But this is what happens when I have two days in a row with nothing to do after being busy for eight weeks straight. TheNuttyOne 21:54, 3 July 2018 (EDT)