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Okay, with the mass amount of characters, alongside the changes, what do you think will happen to Metagame? Think of what the characters now have in store for them, and what they can do so far. Who would be the top tier and who would be the bottom? Below are examples:

Rosalina: If Meta Knight should return to Smash Bros. 4, Rosalina would be a devastation against him, because with new tactics, it would be nearly impossible to chaingrab Rosalina because of the Luma. Alongside that, Luma would, alongside Rosalina, rack up damage much faster than Meta Knight, and due to the meteor, any character, should they be out of the ring, will be in for a beating.

Lucario: Lucario, among others, shows an example of rare changes, which makes him almost as good in Brawl, right? Well, it depends on the speed of the game, and since Smash 4 is faster than Brawl, Lucario could be better, could be worse. We would have to see Lucario's impromptu Aura.

Link: Okay guys, you were probably expecting this character, but you won't expect what I'm about to say. Link would be in the higher tier in Smash 4. This is evident because of the increase of sword attack range and speed, being comparable to Ike's range and Marth's Brawl speed. Next, we have the possible Meteor Smash; if a player knows how to use it just correctly, Link could pull a fast one and it would be unexpected. Finally, his biggest trump card from Melee is back, and that's the unchargable, extremely powerful Spin Attack. It seems that its range is very long, and in the Little Mac trailer, it actually has incorporated aim, as it slants up a decent amount and down just almost unnoticeably. Recovery wise...they still haven't shown horizontal movement on his Spin attack recovery, so that's up to discussion.

Now, I want to hear what you guys have to say about the characters. How do you think they will perform and do you think any of the veterans have gotten better or worse? Requiem of Ice (talk) 09:48, 16 February 2014 (EST)