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So as we are all aware, Sakurai has confirmed that Miis will be playable in Smash 4. They will be able to have four special moves chosen by the player, and they will come in three different types, each with a different fighting style. Now, I'm aware that this confirmation has been met with much controversy; some love the idea, some think it's complete bullshit, and some are indifferent.

With all of that said, let me cut to the chase with a few questions for anyone who wishes to post here:

  • Which type of Mii Fighter do you think you would be?
  • Should the Mii Fighters (by any chance) get voices like in other games, what type of voice do you wish for them to have from these options? (Of course, you can state your own voice suggestions if you don't agree with any of them):
    • Generic voices from Mario Kart Wii and Mario Kart 7: Voices that are based on a combination of each Mii's gender and favorite color, with the pitch of the voice varying depending on the Mii's size, (MKWii only). These voices are personally my least favorite as they can get very annoying and every damn thing the Miis say is just plain gibberish.
    • Electronically produced voices from Tomodachi Life: Voices that are NOT produced by live voice acting, but via synthesizers and the use of programming that lets Miis speak based on text. I personally liked this kind of voice as it not only gave much-needed personality to the Miis, but it was much more tolerable than their obnoxious voices from the Mario Kart games. However, the emoting was downright terrible (though it did make some lines sound hilarious). If this type of voice-acting makes it in, I hope that we'll be able to type in phrases for our Miis to say during battle, (during taunts, specials, final smash, etc.).
    • Choosing voice-clips from other playable characters: Instead of providing voices unique to the Miis, maybe we could choose from a list of voice clips used by the other playable characters in the game, and map them to each of our Mii's moves. This may sound dumb to some people, but personally I think it would be hilarious. (e.g. Hearing my Mii say "HAIYEYEYAAAAAHHH!!!") :P
    • Simply keeping the Miis as mute characters: Pretty self-explanatory.
  • What are your overall opinions on having Miis playable, and do you think you'll be using your Mii a lot or is it hard to say at the moment?
  • What is your general feeling about not being able to use Miis online With Anyone?

Now for my OWN answers to these:

  1. For my OWN Mii, I'm definitely picking Brawler, but I'll most likely add some more Miis just to try out the other types.
  2. Any of the options will do, though the first one is the one I'd like the least.
  3. I always wanted them to be, but at the same time I thought it would be stupid since I always pictured them to just use moves from their own mediocre series of games. I'll definitely be playing as myself for a good chunk of the time.
  4. I understand why they did it, but at the same time I wish that it was allowed since it would be fun to say "I beat so-and-so!" instead of "My Mario beat so-and-so!". Plus, they've already said that they can temp-ban individual players from online play for various reasons, so I'm sure that they can just ban those who are using offensive Miis instead of blocking Mii usage online for all of us. With all that said, I don't have any internet on my 3DS so I most likely won't have to put up with this.

So with THAT out of the way, I await all of your answers! MeatBall104; With a rubber soul! 18:24, 3 July 2014 (EDT)

  1. My own Mii? Probably Gunner. However, I've been making three specific Miis based off characters/celebrities to take the role of each of the three types, of which I have two. My ideas for the third Mii haven't really worked, though it does look like we'll be getting customization options beyond the Mii Maker, so perhaps I should wait until I get the game before actually deciding.
  2. Options two or three are really the best, in my opinion. I hated one in Mario Kart 7, and four isn't that interesting.
  3. Neutral-positive. Though, I suppose it actually gives me an excuse to use the Mii Maker.
  4. I have no strong opinion one way or the other about this, as it's really only one character, and hopefully I use With Friends more than With Anyone. JamesJH-Heartless.pngHeart 21:43, 3 July 2014 (EDT)
As for me...
  1. My personal Mii will be a Gunner. Also, I may have a Swordfighter Mii based on a game character.
  2. Definitely option 2 if there are any voices. The voice from MK7 my Mii had was extremely obnoxious; the first time I tried my Mii out? After hearing the voice I decided "No, do not want" and never played her again. Option 3 might work, but it won't for some Miis. I'll be okay if they do option 4 though, as Mii voices are always hit-or-miss.
  3. I was skeptical at first, but at least they figured out how to work them into the Smash environment. Also, it gives me an incentive to create more Miis. All I have are myself, a few family members, and one or two Miis I created back when Check Mii Out was a thing.
  4. Not bothered by that at all, to be honest. I can always play as someone else in For Anyone.
Berrenta (talk) 22:29, 3 July 2014 (EDT)