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ive though of how a smash game can improve and this is what i came up with

  1. no smash attacks,what purpose is there really in having smash attacks,look at snake,none of his smashes are really very useful or necessary,what purpose is there in having two different moves for the same button input,theres nothing more frustrating than meaning to use a smash attack and using a tilt instead or vice versa,really its just dumb,and personally id rather have stronger tilts that can KO over slow and hard to land smash attacks,everyone should be able to do what snake does,or at least every heavyweight,obviously the percentages they could KO at would vary based on characters weight,but the point is,instead of smash attacks,there should only be tilts than can KO at reasonable percentages
  2. no turnaround animation during a dash,the turn around animations are annoying and again useless,i want to be able to turn instantenously and attack instantly,its just better that way,kind of like wavedashing,but can be done any time during a dash instead of just the initial dashing animation
  3. no walking,whats the point of walking,id rather every character just had a moderate speed auto run,none that go faster than fox's dash and none that go slower than ganondorf's dash,i dont like having to smash the joystick in one direction to have to dash,it actually causes damage to the joystick,id like to be able to run by tilting it slightly not having to smash down on it
  4. no dash attacks,since there wont be walking anymore and everyone auto dashes its best to remove dash attacks,that way you can simply use a side tilt during a dash,so if you were holding the joystick in one direction then press A to attack you stop runing and do a sidetilt,it just seems better that way,and it makes it so that you can use any tilt out of a dash in any direction at any time
  5. no pummels,grab releases,down throws,or up throws,the original smash brothers didnt have any of these and there was no reason whatsoever to add them and adding them only caused problematic chain grabs and infinite grab releases
  6. throws should all have KO power around the 110%-150% damage range without having to be near the edge,its KOing capabilities should vary based on the character as usuall
  7. air grabs,characters should be able to grab in the air,similar to bowser's flying slam but with the same effects as ganondorf's flame choke,where you grab them and both characters slam into the ground directly below them(meaning every character will be able to use a sacrificial KO)and it will be a standard move that is used by grabing in the air not a special
  8. no aerial lag,lots of people complained about the absence of L canceling in brawl,my complaint,why are there still laggy aerial attacks at all,every aerial should auto cancel upon landing,its one thing to have a move that has lag while in the air but there shouldnt be any lag whatsoever once the character lands on the ground,take fox's back air and ganondorf's forward air for example,both of these moves have high ending lag,meaning that if you use either of these moves in the air chances are you wont get the chance to use another aerial until you land,the difference being,once fox lands he is free to move instantly while ganondorf suffers a great deal of lag before he can move again,its possible to short hop fox's back air repeatedly and quickly but not ganondorf's forward air,this is not only unfair,but just pointless,lag is a nuisance that serves no purpose and no one likes it
  9. no back airs,theyre just pointless,if you jump and press back and A the character should just instantly turn around and do a forward air in the oposite direction,its just better that way,back airs just serve no purpose
  10. no more down airs that send the character plummeting down(ZSS,sheik ect)
  11. no random triping,duh,it was a stupid idea to begin with
  12. no sourspots or sweetspots,a move should cause the same damage and knockback regardless of what part of it hits(obviously moves that have a sweetspoted lightning effect would need to be weakened)
  13. no stailing,an attacks knockback should be based solely on the damage % on the oponent,moves should not get weaker because of repeated use
  14. one second longer hitstun,thats all thats needed,not as much as the original or melee,just one second longer than brawl has,that alone would open up vast new combo possibilitys at low to mid percents,knockback on all attacks for every character should have enough knockback at 70% and higher to no longer be chainable
  15. down tilt should always trip the oponent regardless of where it hits,this will make it a combo starting move,if down tilt is used again on a triped oponent it will knock them directly upward,the higher the damage the higher up they get knocked,this is to prevent infinite triping and so one can follow up the second down tilt with an aerial at low to mid percents
  16. little to no lag,moves that take ridiculous amounts of start up time should be sped up(donkey kong's forward air,ness' down air ect)and moves that have extreme ending lag should have the ending lag reduced(fox's back air,marth's down air ect)
  17. no more tether and non offensive recoveries(pit,jigglypuff,olimar ect)every character should have a recovery thats of a third jump nature and causes damage(marth's,mario's ect)
  18. no more gliding,pit,meta knight,and charizard should only be able to glide after using their up special recovery(similar to meta knight)and all characters should either have two or four jumps,and those that have four jumps should have the shortest jumps in the game
  19. no more helpless state,every character should be free to attack even after using their upspecial(like sonic and snake)
  20. no more two in one characters,zelda/sheik,samus/ZSS,these characters should be their own individual characters on the character select screen and changing between them should not be possible in battle,pokemon triner should not be a character at all but rather squirtle,ivysaur,and charizard should be three individual characters on the character select screen like the other pokemon,ice climbers should be two individual characters,popo and nana with different movesets not both in one
  21. no more third party characters,smash brothers is about nintendo characters not game characters in general,instead of wasting time bringing in third party characters they should have taken the time to declone the melee clones and brought them back(excluding doctor mario,who should just be an alternate costume for mario like with wario)not to mention there are still plenty of nintendo characters who have yet to make an appearance to be wasting programing time on third party characters,there are plenty of assist trophys who would have made better playable characters than sonic or snake
  22. no more stupid items,if theres already a hammer item theres no need for a golden hammer item that does the same thing,theres no need for assist trophys when theres already poke balls,theres no need for party balls when theres already crates ect,and theres no need for an item as useless as the smoke bomb
  23. no more grabing items mid air,it defeats the purpose
  24. no more final smashes,its a waste of programing,you can accomplish the same thing a final smash can with a bob omb or hammer item
  25. no more stage hazards,theres nothing fun about being KOd by a stage hazard
  26. no more large stages,moving stages,or retro stages,new pork city,temple,rumble falls,75m,flat zone 2 ect,what do all these have in common?none are fun or practical to play on
  27. more available options and backgrounds for custom stage builder
  28. better content,classic mode,target smash,event matches,fighting alloys,home run contest ect,all boring and bland,event matches need to be more creative than just defeating certain enemies,such as having specific items be more involved in the tasks like an event where lots of homerun bats and pitfall items appear and you have to burry your oponent and hit them with a homerun bat smash attack ect,100 man brawl,cruel brawl ect,all boring and pointless,classic mode should be the basic one on one fighting till the end and you should have the option of turning off items for that mode as well,then there should be other modes where every character is either metal or giant or in teams,a different mode for each one,target smash should be more interesting than just going around breaking targets,instead you should be on a platform and targets should fly by the screen from top to bottom and side to side and you should have to break them before they dissapear,the higher the difficulty the more targets appear and the faster they pass by,and instead of a home run contest how about something interesting like a mode where you can race with the characters
  29. adventure mode,subspace emissary ect,should be removed,pointless,just put the enemies from subspace in event matches or other modes to replace the 100 man brawl,cruel brawls ect
  30. more bosses,and there should be two boss modes,one where you can just choose whichever boss you want to fight like a regular vs match,and one where you fight one boss after another and have to win till the end and you only get a maxim tomato after every two fights
  31. no more all star mode,its pointless and boring

so what do the rest of you think,would these changes make the smash games better or worse?Gig (talk) 22:51, 4 November 2010 (EDT)

Now, to post better explainations.
  1. You have not fought me before or everyone in AiB. You have not DACUS'd before, you have not punished recoveries with Ike's f-smash before, you are not one with competitive scenes.
  2. That isn't a good thing to remove those animations at all. Honestly, learn to be patient.
  3. Approaches anyone? Only a n00b would complain about.
  4. Dash attacks don't rely on walking, being called dash attacks. It is also a good approach.
  5. You are one of the many who can't deal with chaingrabs and die because of it. Deal with it.
  6. So the weakest character should be able to KO, even though it'll be higher? Doesn't make any sense.
  7. That'd be messed and no one would bother. Punish their aerial movements.
  8. So moves don't become uber.
  9. Ike's bair is fast and can be used to ko.
  10. Give people the option to spam it ON GROUND.
  11. Everyone thinks so anyway.
  12. Learn to time attacks.
  13. Spammers will dominate -_-
  14. Learn to combo without it.
  15. Faster means uber.
  16. Uber.
  17. Your problem with that is? Get something that doesn't have to cause damage to avoid saving your opponent.
  18. Why do you hate masters of gliding? They can do it and will do it, deal with it.
  19. You are one of many who can't deal with it.
  20. So Zelda should be absolute crap 24/7?
  21. Sonic hater.
  22. So you don't want better items? Honestly, what's bad about improvement?
  23. Not everyone can reflect now, can they?
  24. Absolute bunch of crap. Super Sonic>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>all items
  25. Deal with it.
  26. They are fun, you just don't know how to have fun.
  27. Good.
  28. Good.
  29. Bad idea. You wanna remove bosses? That's the only way to introduce them in the first place and every games been doing that.
  30. Good.
  31. Pointless? You don't have fun against the whole cast? You're no fun.

You should also use proper grammar, punctuation, and the like.--MegaTron1XD:p 23:11, 4 November 2010 (EDT)

you know i get this great sense of hostility from you,you got something against me megatron hmm?Gig (talk) 23:13, 4 November 2010 (EDT)

You're a n00b, simple as that. I hate most n00bs because of an incident like this.You also insist to use improper spelling, spacing, and punctuation.--MegaTron1XD:p 23:13, 4 November 2010 (EDT)

Why don't you both walk away from the computer for a while and stop bickering please. Your opinions are your opinions, but this is not an appropriate place for a text-based yelling match. Miles (talk) 23:19, 4 November 2010 (EDT)