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So the deal is that in order to make the move, we need a list of articles. What I want to do here is use this page to list these articles (alphabetically so as to prevent duplicating) in the appropriate categories.

Tournament series[edit]

  • 2GG Championship Series
  • 2GGT
  • Afterlife
  • Apex
  • ATM Tournament Series
  • Australian Smash Circuit
  • Battle Arena Melbourne
  • Battle Gateway
  • B.E.A.S.T (tournament series)
  • BEST
  • Best in New York
  • Best of Maryland's Best
  • CEO (tournament series)
  • Chuo University (tournament series)
  • DC Super Smash
  • Dutch Tournament
  • DVDA (tournament series)
  • EagleLAN
  • Elite Four
  • EVO
  • EVO 2007 circuit
  • GENESIS (tournament series)
  • Handsome Jett
  • HOBO
  • Ignition
  • Japan Smash Cup (tournament series)
  • Jeffzor's Smash Tournament
  • Jersey Japes
  • Kansai (tournament series)
  • Kanto (tournament series)
  • KTAR (tournament series)
  • MasterHand
  • Mayhem
  • Mega Smash Mondays
  • MELEE-FC (tournament series)
  • Midwest Mayhem (tournament series)
  • MLG Underground Smash Series
  • Nebulous
  • NOOB tournament series
  • North East Smash
  • OMGiggles
  • Osaka University (tournament series)
  • PAX
  • Pound (tournament series)
  • Pro Impact BI-WEEKLY Smash
  • Royal Flush Monthly Smash
  • Shockwave
  • Show Me Your Moves
  • SKTAR (tournament series)
  • Smash @ Xanadu
  • Smash Fest Freiburg
  • Smashacre
  • SpOrly
  • Shine (tournament series)
  • Subs Not Scrubs
  • Super Smash Sundays
  • The Big House (tournament series)
  • Tournament Go
  • VA's Smash Till The End
  • WHOBO (tournament series)
  • X-Treme Championship
  • Zero Challenge


Editor's note: the below contains all American tournaments, if I did right. Miles (talk) 22:01, 11 November 2017 (EST)

Follow-up: to avoid having to repeatedly format in whitespace to get these to display on individual lines in wiki formatting, I've just left the raw text dump in this pastebin. I believe it should contain all tournaments which are found in Category:Tournaments by region and all of its subcategories, with duplicates (i.e. tournaments in multiple subcategories) removed. I left the previous copy-paste of American tournaments here but hidden; it can probably be freely deleted with the pastebin used instead, but I left it here just in case. Miles (talk) 22:13, 11 November 2017 (EST)