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I need help writing this article from people who know advanced super smash bros 64 techniques (shffling, teching, etc.)

The article I want to start on the smash wiki is Alternate Fingerings in SSB64.

You know about shield-grabbing?- Pressing Z and A as an alternative to pressing R to grab regularly? I'm talking about that kind of fingering distinction, but the more advanced, more hidden, and more challenging ones.

Today I noticed for the first time that when you press smash the joystick one direction, press Z, and press R, you can deliver smash hit. It works on the ground and in the air. It is INSANELY helpful for using yoshi's double jump-cancelled U-Air, as you have instant access to all the buttons you need to Z-cancel it. It is also very, very helpful as a training mode- learning only to use R, Z, and the joystick- no C buttons, no A, no B. Just using a joystick, Z, and R would be so sweet!

I have never seen anything about this very helpful but very obscure fingering difference, but if anyone has any further information on it, or the equivalent shortcuts for B moves (is there one?) or short hopping without using the C buttons, I'd love if you completed a wikipedia article or e-mailed me at to figure out how to make one. We also need a page on Parrying with Yoshi.

Thanks! Van

Feel free to start a thread with me by adding on to the bottom of the page. Let's figure out this page together.