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DBR, originally an acronym of Death By Rape, was a Smash crew from Concord, California famous for their combo videos. They were most commonly regarded as one of the most highly skilled crews in the Northern California region, and were also famous for hosting one of the largest smash tournaments of all time, GENESIS. The crew no longer seems to exist anymore by name, although many of its former members are still involved in the community. Some of DBR's music video became viral during the second half of the 2000s.


Former members[edit]


DBR launched into the public eye after releasing a series of combo videos. Though they were released individually (by such titles as Shined Blind, Overdose, and The Hylian Nightmare), people eventually began to speak of them collectively, as the "DBR videos." For a while their videos were in high demand at GameFAQs and SmashBoards, and DBR became idols to many newcomers. This admiration caught some backlash from players who believed DBR members were overhyped and not truly very good.



DBR's combo videos were on the receiving end of a fair amount of criticism. Skeptics argued that their skill was over-hyped and that all the techniques and combos done in their videos were not practical for serious matches, as they required a total lack of player skill to fall into them. This was further supported by the fact that other members of DBR would often be on the receiving end of the combos in the clips, suggesting that the combos were pre-planned. Despite this, many smashers attest that all of their combos were real and done in serious settings, and that most members of the crew placed very well in tournaments in their time, supporting the legitimacy of the videos, though Zelgadis would later admit that at least a few of the combos were "semi staged" in his post addressing his theft at GENESIS 2.[1] The videos also inspired many casual players to improve their gameplay and take the game to the next level, something that said players would not have done without DBR's influence.