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GameFAQs is a gaming website that features FAQs, walkthroughs, reviews, message boards, and numerous other features for thousands of video games, including the Super Smash Bros. series.

Smashers usually use "GameFAQs" or "SmashFAQs" to refer exclusively to its message boards for Melee, Brawl, SSB4 and Ultimate, and the communities that have grown around them. Although Smashboards eclipses these forums in popularity and membership, the GameFAQs boards still hold niche appeal, primarily for smashers who are interested in records and strategies for Stadium events, and those who are looking for a less organized experience. In addition, some experienced players, including Mew2King, Gimpyfish, Ally, and Viviff have frequented the boards.

Users on GameFAQs notably created the first widely accepted tier list for Smash 64 in 2008.

Compendium of Smash Knowledge[edit]

Usually abbreviated as CoSK, the Compendium of Smash Knowledge is a formerly-stickied topic on the Melee board at GameFAQs that contains guides and statistics meant to help novices better understand the competitive community; despite being one of the most visited topics on the Melee board, the guide is now considered outdated, having been posted in 2008.

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