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Dark Samus (SSBU)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 Straight and Cannon Hammer DarkSamusJab1.gif
Neutral attack 2 Straight and Cannon Hammer DarkSamusJab2.gif
Forward tilt DarkSamusFTilt.gif
Forward tilt up DarkSamusFTiltUp.gif
Forward tilt down DarkSamusFTiltDown.gif
Up tilt DarkSamusUTilt.gif
Down tilt DarkSamusDTilt.gif
Dash attack DarkSamusDashAttack.gif
Forward smash DarkSamusFSmash.gif
Forward smash up DarkSamusFSmashUp.gif
Forward smash down DarkSamusFSmashDown.gif
Up smash DarkSamusUSmash.gif
Down smash DarkSamusDSmash.gif
Neutral aerial DarkSamusNAir.gif
Forward aerial DarkSamusFAir.gif
Back aerial DarkSamusBAir.gif
Up aerial DarkSamusUAir.gif
Down aerial DarkSamusDAir.gif
Grab aerial Grapple Beam DarkSamusZAir.gif
Neutral special (minimum charge) Charge Shot DarkSamusChargeShotMinSSBU.gif
Neutral special (maximum charge) Charge Shot DarkSamusChargeShotMaxSSBU.gif
Side special homing Missile DarkSamusSSpecialHoming.png
Side special super Missile DarkSamusSSpecialSuper.png
Up special grounded Screw Attack DarkSamusUSpecialGrounded.gif
Up special aerial Screw Attack DarkSamusUSpecialAerial.gif
Down special Bomb DarkSamusDSpecial.png
Down special explosion Bomb DarkSamusDSpecialExplosion.png
Standing grab Grapple Beam DarkSamusGrab.gif
Dash grab DarkSamusDashGrab.gif
Pivot grab DarkSamusPivotGrab.gif
Pummel DarkSamusPummel.gif
Forward throw DarkSamusFThrow.gif
Back throw DarkSamusBThrow.gif
Up throw DarkSamusUThrow.gif
Down throw DarkSamusDThrow.gif
Getup attack front DarkSamusFloorAttackFront.gif
Getup attack back DarkSamusFloorAttackBack.gif
Getup attack trip DarkSamusTripAttack.gif
Ledge attack DarkSamusEdgeAttack.gif