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Cloud (SSBU)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 CloudJab1SSBU.gif
Neutral attack 2 CloudJab2SSBU.gif
Neutral attack 3 CloudJab3SSBU.gif
Forward tilt CloudFTiltSSBU.gif
Up tilt CloudUTiltSSBU.gif
Down tilt Sliding CloudDTiltSSBU.gif
Dash attack CloudDashAttackSSBU.gif
Forward smash Triple Buster CloudFSmashSSBU.gif
Up smash CloudUSmashSSBU.gif
Down smash Double Thrust CloudDSmashSSBU.gif
Neutral aerial CloudNAirSSBU.gif
Forward aerial Meteor Slash CloudFAirSSBU.gif
Back aerial CloudBAirSSBU.gif
Up aerial CloudUAirSSBU.gif
Down aerial CloudDAirSSBU.gif
Neutral special (windbox) Blade Beam CloudBladeBeamWindboxSSBU.gif
Neutral special (projectile) Blade Beam (unavailable)
Neutral special (limit) Blade Beam CloudBladeBeamLimitSSBU.gif
Neutral special (limit projectile) Blade Beam (unavailable)
Side special 1 Cross Slash CloudCrossSlash1SSBU.gif
Side special 2 Cross Slash CloudCrossSlash2SSBU.gif
Side special 3 Cross Slash CloudCrossSlash3SSBU.gif
Side special (limit) Cross Slash CloudCrossSlashLimitSSBU.gif
Up special Climhazzard CloudClimhazzardSSBU.gif
Up special (limit) Climhazzard CloudClimhazzardLimitSSBU.gif
Up special (falling) Climhazzard CloudClimhazzardFallingSSBU.gif
Up special (landing) Climhazzard CloudClimhazzardLandingSSBU.gif
Down special (limit) Finishing Touch CloudFinishingTouchSSBU.gif
Standing grab CloudGrabSSBU.gif
Dash grab CloudDashGrabSSBU.gif
Pivot grab CloudPivotGrabSSBU.gif
Pummel CloudPummelSSBU.gif
Forward throw CloudFThrowSSBU.gif
Back throw CloudBThrowSSBU.gif
Up throw CloudUThrowSSBU.gif
Down throw CloudDThrowSSBU.gif
Getup attack front CloudGetupAttackFrontSSBU.gif
Getup attack back CloudGetupAttackBackSSBU.gif
Getup attack trip CloudTripAttackSSBU.gif
Ledge attack CloudLedgeAttackSSBU.gif