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Cloud (SSB4)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 CloudJab1SSB4.gif
Neutral attack 2 CloudJab2SSB4.gif
Neutral attack 3 CloudJab3SSB4.gif
Forward tilt CloudFTiltSSB4.gif
Up tilt CloudUTiltSSB4.gif
Down tilt Sliding CloudDTiltSSB4.gif
Dash attack CloudDashAttackSSB4.gif
Forward smash Triple Buster CloudFSmashSSB4.gif
Up smash CloudUSmashSSB4.gif
Down smash Double Thrust CloudDSmashSSB4.gif
Neutral aerial CloudNAirSSB4.gif
Forward aerial Meteor Slash CloudFAirSSB4.gif
Back aerial CloudBAirSSB4.gif
Up aerial CloudUAirSSB4.gif
Down aerial CloudDAirSSB4.gif
Neutral special (windbox) Blade Beam CloudBladeBeamWindboxSSB4.gif
Neutral special (projectile) Blade Beam (unavailable)
Side special 1 Cross Slash CloudCrossSlash1SSB4.gif
Side special 2 Cross Slash CloudCrossSlash2SSB4.gif
Side special 3 Cross Slash CloudCrossSlash3SSB4.gif
Up special Climhazzard (unavailable)
Up special (falling) Climhazzard (unavailable)
Up special (landing) Climhazzard (unavailable)
Down special (limit) Finishing Touch (unavailable)
Standing grab CloudGrabSSB4.gif
Dash grab CloudDashGrabSSB4.gif
Pivot grab CloudPivotGrabSSB4.gif
Pummel CloudPummelSSB4.gif
Forward throw CloudFThrowSSB4.gif
Back throw CloudBThrowSSB4.gif
Up throw CloudUThrowSSB4.gif
Down throw CloudDThrowSSB4.gif