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TECH TEAM is one of the best crews in Queensland. It has lost 3 crew battles out of 8 against Ward. It was officially formed in April 6, 2006 at Syke's house when a 3 vs. 3 crew battle with the Ward was organized. The participants were Scrubs, Gosu and King Kong vs Undead Moose, Yokai, and K-0S. TECH won by 6 stock. The next crew battle was on a larger scale with a 6v6 battle at SQUAT 1. It was close during the first few matches, until Syke took 15 stock. TECH won again by 14 stock.

With one member of TECH leaving and another two being constantly absent, TECH has lost the last 3 crew battles at SQUAT 4, QSB, and QSM.