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Character info
Melee main Fox
Personal and other info
Real name Sedrick Severin
Birth date (age 26)
Location Sunrise, Florida United States

Relno is an American smasher located in Southern Florida who is well known for his exceptionally high tech skill. His first achieved notoriety by releasing BURST which won a Smashboards tech skill contest. As a testament to his tech skill, he won a Tech Skill Horse at Smash the Record 2016 going 5-1 over MikeHaze and 5-2 over Silent Wolf, the presumed favorite to win. He mostly attends the Versus Gaming Center locals.

His most famous tech skill is aptly known as "The Relno." It consists of a perfect ledgedash from ledge to a shine to a jump cancel full shorten Side B to an edge cancel to a jump cancelled shine turnaround Up b to a regrab ledge. A video can be seen here.

Tournament placings[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Melee[edit]

Tournament Date 1v1 Placement 2v2 Placement Partner
VSGC Weekly 09/13/15 September 13th, 2015 17th
VSGC Weekly 12/20/15 December 20th, 2015 17th
VSGC Weekly 01/17/16 January 17th, 2016 9th
VSGC Weekly 06/05/16 June 5th, 2016 13th
VSGC Weekly 07/03/16 July 3rd, 2016 7th
VSGC Weekly 07/10/16 July 10th, 2016 25th
VSGC Weekly 07/17/16 July 17th, 2016 9th
VSGC Weekly 07/24/16 July 24th, 2016 7th
VSGC Weekly 07/31/16 July 31st, 2016 9th
VSGC Weekly 08/07/16 August 7th, 2016 9th
VSGC Weekly 08/14/16 August 14th, 2016 13th
VSGC Weekly 08/28/16 August 28th, 2016 13th
VSGC Weekly 09/04/16 September 4th, 2016 13th
VSGC Weekly 09/18/16 September 18th, 2016 17th
VSGC Weekly 10/02/16 October 2nd, 2016 3rd
VSGC Weekly 10/09/16 October 9th, 2016 13th
VSGC Weekly 10/23/16 October 23rd, 2016 17th
VSGC Weekly 10/30/16 October 30th, 2016 7th
VSGC Weekly 11/06/16 November 6th, 2016 7th
VSGC Weekly 11/13/16 November 13th, 2016 1st
VSGC Weekly 11/20/16 November 20th, 2016 7th
VSGC Weekly 11/27/16 November 27th, 2016 13th 2nd Pure
VSGC Weekly 12/04/16 December 4th, 2016 4th 5th Hitomi J Puff
VSGC Weekly 12/11/16 December 11th, 2016 7th 1st Hungry Pigeon
Better Off Facing Amateurs December 17th-18th, 2016 1st
VSGC Weekly 12/18/16 December 18th, 2016 9th
VSGC Weekly 1/01/17 January 1st, 2017 9th 3rd Pure
Smash Conference LXIX January 7th, 2017 25th
VSGC Weekly 01/08/17 January 8th, 2017 9th 2nd Prof
VSGC Weekly 01/15/17 January 15th, 2017 5th 2nd Prof

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