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Young Link (SSBM)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 YoungLinkJab1SSBM.gif
Neutral attack 2 YoungLinkJab2SSBM.gif
Neutral attack 3 YoungLinkJab3SSBM.gif
Neutral attack infinite YoungLinkRapidJabSSBM.gif
Forward tilt YoungLinkFTiltSSBM.gif
Up tilt YoungLinkUTiltSSBM.gif
Down tilt YoungLinkDTiltSSBM.gif
Dash attack YoungLinkDashAttackSSBM.gif
Forward smash (1st hit) YoungLinkFSmashSSBM.gif
Forward smash (2nd hit) YoungLinkFSmash2SSBM.gif
Up smash YoungLinkUSmashSSBM.gif
Down smash YoungLinkDSmashSSBM.gif
Neutral aerial YoungLinkNAirSSBM.gif
Forward aerial YoungLinkFAirSSBM.gif
Back aerial YoungLinkBAirSSBM.gif
Up aerial YoungLinkUAirSSBM.gif
Down aerial YoungLinkDAirSSBM.gif
Grab aerial Hookshot YoungLinkZAirSSBM.gif
Neutral special (firing) Fire Bow YoungLinkFireBowSSBM.gif
Side special (throw) Boomerang YoungLinkBoomerangSSBM.gif
Up special (ground) Spin Attack YoungLinkSpinAttackGroundSSBM.gif
Up special (aerial) Spin Attack YoungLinkSpinAttackAirSSBM.gif
Grab Hookshot YoungLinkGrabSSBM.gif
Dash grab Hookshot YoungLinkDashGrabSSBM.gif
Forward roll YoungLinkForwardRollSSBM.gif
Back roll YoungLinkBackRollSSBM.gif
Spot dodge YoungLinkSpotDodgeSSBM.gif
Air dodge YoungLinkAirDodgeSSBM.gif