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Young Link (SSBM)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 F0Jbl.gif
Neutral attack 2 vTa14.gif
Neutral attack 3 dAzMY.gif
Neutral attack infinite (startup) iUmHm.gif
Neutral attack infinite Mmgxs.gif
Neutral attack infinite (end) PMXIh.gif
Forward tilt Vcq6D.gif
Up tilt F2G0H.gif
Down tilt 5udgG.gif
Dash attack ez3sj.gif
Forward smash (1st hit) Vc9F5.gif
Forward smash (2nd hit) Z5BwO.gif
Up smash FiWVn.gif
Down smash 8JAnH.gif
Neutral aerial 0xPLp.gif
Forward aerial 7jkd6.gif
Back aerial WanMO.gif
Up aerial tpdbe.gif
Down aerial w4UhF.gif
Grab aerial Hookshot qacZy.gif
Neutral special (startup) Fire Bow Yoigr.gif
Neutral special (firing) Fire Bow IYyvW.gif
Side special (throw) Boomerang tSa4j.gif
Side special (catch) Boomerang rhSgf.gif
Up special (ground) Spin Attack wejdZ.gif
Up special (aerial) Spin Attack 9eIYh.gif
Down special Bomb dfo3Z.gif
Grab Hookshot ynfRS.gif
Dash grab Hookshot rYHWW.gif
Forward roll 9mpox.gif
Back roll MEPo1.gif
Spot dodge qH7WE.gif
Air dodge WOAPM.gif