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Yoshi (SSBM)/Hitboxes

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Move Name Hitbox
Neutral attack 1 fhK9F.gif
Neutral attack 2 lFHH0.gif
Forward tilt I2LfS.gif
Up tilt vK6mg.gif
Down tilt vebTD.gif
Dash attack UKayY.gif
Forward smash viSL8.gif
Up smash fyicN.gif
Down smash 3HcHD.gif
Neutral aerial yA6da.gif
Forward aerial x20yf.gif
Back aerial tKJxC.gif
Up aerial jEjsN.gif
Down aerial SHiGD.gif
Neutral special Egg Lay DhLfW.gif
Side special Egg Roll jiJ30LR.gif
Up special Egg Throw HQMOc.gif
Down special (ground) Yoshi Bomb 4WO2z.gif
Down special (aerial) Yoshi Bomb bpt2k.gif
Forward roll Q6P7Q.gif
Back roll MFHda.gif
Spot dodge EEZCT.gif
Air dodge Gemes.gif