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Regarding Mega man's changes[edit]

Hello, I'm very curious about where you're getting these Mega man changes from. As far as I know, Mega Man wasn't even in the demo and I haven't seen any trailers of his gameplay apart from the one listed on his page currently. If that is so, there's quite a lot of info you added that seem to jump the gun too far:

  • The only aerial he's shown using in the trailer is his forward aerial. That itself seems to have lowered landing lag but the rest are just assumptions right now.
  • It's hard to even tell whether Mega Man's lemon projectiles even travel further cause they are sent offscreen. I don't know where you managed to assume that they got more distance unless you have a link to show.
  • Up smash seems to be exactly the same and I don't understand what you mean by active frames. Do you mean "the hitbox lasts longer"? I don't think so, at least from testing. In fact, testing on my 3ds with the trailer playing shows both his up smash and down smash last for the exact same time. You probably misunderstood up smash's hitstun to have extended its duration, but that alongside down smash's faster startup is completely untrue.

The only change I can really see myself are the Leaf Shield changes, which was entirely accurate sans the "more damage" part (Is this assuming again? You shouldn't put damage number info for things not specifically shown) and forward aerial having lower ending lag. For the rest, they are entirely untrue and I really see them as assumption-based unless you can link me a video in a response showing these changes. If you aren't able to prove otherwise, I'd likely revert your changes until it is actually possible to test the character out hands-on (with the actual game). Mexi (talk) 13:18, 4 July 2018 (EDT)

Megaman WAS in the demo and has appeared in many matches on youtube , even ones in HD footage . Down smash does come out faster and its noticeable . Here you can clearly see megaman has less landing lag on aerials . Incase down smash wasn't shown in the link above, it certainly is shown here. Oh and at 2:37 you can clearly see an increase in pellet projectile range for his jab. You might have a point about his up smash however . 15:33, 4 July 2018 (EDT)

Oh crap you're right about Mega Man being in the demo. Sorry, that was legitimately my mistake. Just some addendum about the videos you sent though.
  • It seems that down smash doesn't have faster startup (I've replayed the section you've sent while testing with my 3ds), but the flames seem to have a shorter duration. There were three times Mega Man used his down smash in the second link (0:22, 0:43, 2:36), and the first one didn't hit anyone, so you can clearly see it has a shorter attack duration. The hitstun from both the two other uses and in Mega Man's trailer probably extended how long the move looked.
  • The second link (2:37) isnt a pellet, its a Crash Bomber. You can hear the sound effect when he fires it. That confused me as well but I checked the first video you sent, and his standard pellets seem to have around the same range as he has currently. I think it's safer to assume that there isn't a change yet.
  • For Leaf Shield, I'll currently take your word for it, as it's one of the few things that are notably visible in trailers.
In the future, please just link any videos for your additions in the summary as proof for your additions, as it can be hard to confirm actual changes as of now. I may revert the points apart from reduced landing lag and Leaf Shield if my evidence is agreeable. Mexi (talk) 16:32, 4 July 2018 (EDT)
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