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Owen's Smash Tip No. 2: If you accidentally forget to enable pausing in Super Smash Bros. Melee when you start an infinite match, the only way out is to reset your game. This can only happen if you goof around with the settings, but don't even think about doing it unless you want your save file to be erased forever! ...Just kidding. But seriously, the only way out is to either reset or turn your GameCube or Wii off then on again. I hope you aren't in on this!

Hey, guys! I'm Smashbrosfan99. I'm a user on the SmashWiki. I don't contribute that often, but when I do, I usually help to improve the articles on this site. I don't play Smash competitively, however, I do enjoy getting the opportunity to play every once in a while. I'll expand this user page when I get the chance to do it.